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Everything You Need To Know About The Party Scene at UA

Everything You Need To Know About The Party Scene at UA

Being underage at Ohio State University is annoying, especially on the weekends. Here's your guide on how to party at OSU when you're not 21 yet!

Freshman year. Home of the famous swaps, formals, date parties, fraternity parties, bar nights, darties, and dorm pre-games. Freshman year is full of nights you either choose to forget, or deliberately can’t recall a single thing that happened at DKE Halloween. Freshman year is the year you let loose because you have no one telling you not to; you’re brand new to the party scene. So that’s why in the near future all you freshman will most likely find yourself hovered over a Tut bathroom while your friend holds back your hair, or hailing a golf cart on the strip to drive you and your intoxicated friends back to your dorm because you just remembered you have an 8AM tomorrow morning. Bama is no doubt notorious for its amazing parties, and nonstop fun atmosphere. To help you, or perhaps mentally prepare you for the Bama insanity, here’s everything you need to know about the party scene at UA.

1. Get a fake I.D.

You don’t want to be that friend that has two huge X’s on their hands while all your friends only have to pay $10 cover to get into Rounders, and you’re stuck handing over a twenty. It’s worth the $75 you’ll have to pay, and you’re going to regret it if you don’t. You’ll soon understand when a few months of fraternity hopping gets boring and you want to upgrade to the bars.

2. Sometimes the saying “beauty is pain” is not worth it.

Sure those five inch heels are hella hot, and they’ll secure all eyes on you as you step into the room. But after five shots, two beers, and a mixed drink, those heels are going to be your biggest regret of the night. They’re not worth it. If you can barely walk in them sober, you sure as hell can’t walk in them drunk.

3. Try to avoid Friday classes.

Thursday night is the biggest night to go out. Scheduling classes anytime before 12 on a Friday is going to be the death of you. All your friends will want to stay out as late as possible to maximize the party scene, while you’ll find yourself begging someone to go home with you because you have an 8AM. Make smart decisions while schedule planning, and remember that Friday classes will be your worst nightmare.

4. Go to fraternity parties!

Take advantage of them while you can! Free alcohol, and tons of boys to meet and become friends with. Freshman year really is the biggest year to go to fraternity parties, so take advantage of it. Go to Theta Chi Thirsty Thursday’s, go to band parties, do freshman things. Why waste all your money on bars, when you can meet cute guys and get free alcohol?

5. Learn your limits.

Don’t be the friend no one wants to go out with. Get drunk, but don’t be that drunk. Be fun, don’t be the friend people have to take care of every time you go out. It’s okay to be the friend hovered over the toilet every now and then, but every night is pushing it. Do it too often and your friends will give up on going out with you.

6. Going out in tshirts is a thing.

Your first few months going out, you’ll be putting on your best clothes, doing your hair perfectly, and making sure every inch of your face is covered with makeup. But soon, you’ll give up and give into Tshirt Tuesdays, as well as finding yourself throwing your hair in a pony tail and putting on that oversized tshirt. Nothing more comfortable than going out in a tshirt and shorts. Don’t be afraid to do it, it’s encouraged in the party scene.

7. Stick to High Tide and Rounders.

High Tide and Rounders are the freshman bars. Anywhere else, people most likely will look at you weird because you have to use a fake I.D. to get in. Stick to these bars, because you’ll be surrounded by all freshman anyway.

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8. Your clothes are likely to get ruined.

When you go out, you’re going to be getting shit all over your clothes. Whether it’s bar tard, beers being spilled all over, you falling and ripping your jeans, really anything. Be careful what you go out in because there is a good chance it won’t come out looking the same.

9. Drunk friends are the best friends.

You’re going to make so many friends drunk. Some you may not remember, but some may end up being your bridesmaids one day. Don’t be a bitch drunk and dismiss everyone that talks to you. Make friends, meet people at fraternities and bars. If they’re out, they most likely love going out as much as you. Take advantage of this!

10. Live it up!

Freshman year is so much fun and probably the least stressful year you will experience in college. Take advantage of those nights you don’t have any homework, and don’t turn down a good opportunity to spend the weekend with your girls at a fraternity or bars. Have fun and let loose – this is your first year of freedom!

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