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Everything You Need To Know About The University Of Miami Party Scene

Everything You Need To Know About The University Of Miami Party Scene

The University of Miami party scene is so jam-packed that sometimes it's overwhelming - there's so much to do! Experience the fun yourself with this guide!

It’s no secret that the University of Miami has made onto countless party school lists over the years. Even though other colleges have “pushed” it down the list or off the list altogether these past years, it still holds as a university with the best parties. The university is close to the city of Miami that boasts a remarkable nightlife. On top of that, you have palm trees, beaches, and warm weather all year round. It’s a good time to explore your surroundings and get to know the University of Miami party scene.

The classic fraternity parties and house parties.

Only fraternities have houses on-campus near the University Village. They tend to throw themed parties in the beginning of the school year. Most freshmen dress up and go to these parties even though the houses aren’t in the best state. There’s only one frat that has a new and big house compared to the rest. House parties are also close to campus in questionable neighborhoods. Again, the houses aren’t that appealing, but when you are a freshman in college, you just want to enjoy your freedom and party. A few parties can also take place on Star Island and other islands near South Beach. These houses are million dollar homes that students tend to take to many pictures at.

Have dinner and then party in Coconut Grove.

Also called “The Grove.” It used to be more popular than it has been over the last few years. Students would go on Thursdays to the many bars in the area. Moe’s seems to be a popular bar among students. There are other bars around the area, but Moe’s always used to be packed on Thursdays. There are also many great restaurants to choose from.



Entire day tailgates.

“Lost the game, but won the tailgate.” It’s all about the “U,” even if we lose a game. The tailgate trumps all. Students will get up at 6am to start pre-gaming if the game is mid-day. The tailgates consist of lots of alcohol, music, trucks, U-Hauls, and UM students getting crazy. Many students even claim that they go home after the tailgate, but only if the game isn’t against a big rival.


Parties with a view in Brickell.

If you make past US-1, you’ll get to the beautiful Brickell area. Many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants are around here. Some students choose to live here instead of closer to campus. The buildings are modern and feature some of the best views of Miami. Students frequent Club 50 on the 50th floor at a hotel in Brickell. This spot is not for everyone, but the view from the top is picture worthy.

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An unforgettable night in South Beach.

Did you think I forgot about SoBe? It’s probably the number one place for the University of Miami party scene. SoBe has extravagant and spacious nightclubs like LIV, Story, Wall, and Mokai. It’ll be an expensive, but unforgettable night. South Beach has the best party scene in all of Miami. Famous Djs and celebrities go to many of the glitzy nightclubs. This will probably give you a reason to go to SoBe and experience the scene for yourself.

There are way too many places to party in Miami. You might even be tempted to do all of this in one night. Wherever you choose to go, it will be a good time! Don’t forget to study and create a balance for yourself. You’re still at college and it’s not just supposed to be one big party everyday. Stay safe and stay classy!

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