10 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Female

Being a female can be challenging. Plain and simple, there are certain things that we have to deal with in our everyday lives that guys have the luxury of not worrying about. I’m not saying that they don’t have their own set of everyday problems, but we’re not talking about them. We’re talking about the struggles of being a female and here they are.

1. Hair Removal

For most females, being hairless is a comfortable look. But the struggles of being a female is the work itself is just so tedious and constant. We’d feel better not having hairy legs when we wear that cute dress we just bought, so we need to shave them at least twice in one week. If that wasn’t bad enough, at least once a month we need to take care of the extra hair on our eyebrows and that mustache coming in. Jeez, will we ever get a break?

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2. Prices Of Good Bras

Biologically we have boobs. No matter what size they are, we have them and there is no getting around it. Some girls are fortunate enough to be able to get away with not wearing a bra in public, but for the most part, every female needs a bra. The struggles of being a female here is the cost of a good bra. Some of us girls need support to hold them up and have them looking fine in that beautiful dinner dress or just everyday wear.

Sure you can go to Walmart and get one for 5 bucks, but it’s not going to last you long. So what do we need to do? Spend 60+ bucks on a good, lasting bra you say?! Something I was biologically born with is burning a hole in my pocket, ugh. Time to start saving.

3. Periods And Products

Even if you’re not female, you’ve heard the stories of how painful periods can get. Once again, we didn’t ask for this to happen, but it’s part of life if we choose to procreate. Not only can periods be painful, but to add to the struggle of being a female, the cost to be sanitary about the situation is pricey.

I’m serious, especially if you’re on your own in college and have limited source of income. It’s disappointing to know that if I need the good brand to guarantee I’ll feel good when having my period I need to be able to pay top dollar.

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I remember being at a food pantry for college students on a budget, where the food was free and they also had a small selection of hygiene products, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and PADS. I felt so relieved and then quickly felt so upset that I felt relieved that I found a free good brand of pads. Why should we have to pay for something we can’t control?

10 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Female

4. Makeup

Now I know makeup is a choice for all women. But a good majority of females love makeup. They love wearing it and even make careers from it. But it’s pricey and sometimes can be hard to get the hang of. Ever have that moment when you’re sitting across the room from a girl with just killer winged eyeliner and you’re wondering how she got it so perfect? Yeah, been there.

10 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Female

5. Hair

Sure, we have the option of cutting all our hair off and feeling the breeze on the back of our necks, but that’s not a look for everyone. Long hair is super trendy as well but a complete bitch to maintain. Not to mention the amount of shampoo and conditioner we go through in a few weeks.

6. The Challenge Of High Heels

One of the struggles of being a female is wearing high heels. We don’t all need to do it; if going to a party there are the options of flats of course but most of us would rather not. Besides, high heels show power and confidence. But it’s a struggle for some females to get the hang of, not to mention they HURT by the end of the night.

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7. Lipstick

If you’re a lipstick addict like me, you understand the confidence that comes from wearing beautiful, bold colors. The messiness of it all is the downfall. Sure, they’ve come out with “stain” lip colors but not in top notched brands. Worrying about if your lipstick will come off when you drink or eat is annoying, so is reapplying it after.

10 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Female

8. Dress Codes

Some places such as school and work require certain dress codes where you can’t reveal what they feel is too much. One time I wore shorts to work that was down to my fingers tips when they rested on my side, and it still wasn’t good enough, it needed to cover MY KNEES. I’m sorry but I didn’t realize we lived in the 1800’s…

9. Biological Clock

As Marisa Tomei said in the movie My Cousin Vinny, “My biological clock is TICKING LIKE THIS!” Not every female wants to take the path of motherhood, but for those of us that do, we understand that the struggles of being a female here is that we’re on a time limit here. And with the way the dating game is today, we might not all be lucky enough to find a great partner to have children with so early in life. And finding the right man to have children with is just as important because you want your kids to have a positive father figure in their lives.

10. Self- Defense

One of the struggles of being a female is wondering how we’d defend ourselves in a scary, possibly life-threatening situation. We don’t all have the muscle capacity that men do. Yes, we can dedicate our time to building it at the gym but that’s not what usually happens. We have to worry about walking around at late hours of the night, even it’s just to our car from the store. We have an unfair advantage that we need to figure out plans if we end up being in a situation like that, which is not right.

What are some other struggles of being a female that you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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