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Every Summer Activity That Will Make Your Vacation One To Remember

Every Summer Activity That Will Make Your Vacation One To Remember

Every Summer Activity That Will Make Your Vacation One To Remember

During the summer, there are so many things to do while school is out, the choice is yours! You want to make sure to get the most out of your vacation and do everything that will make your time off worth it. Here is every summer activity that will make your vacation one to remember.

Get an Interesting Job

Now, the first summer activity you think about for a vacation is not working a part-time job. However, if you find something that is cool to you, like working a few hours here and there for a shoe store you like, while getting a solid employee discount for some new kicks, not so bad. Plus, it will help to fund the rest of your summer activities!


Outdoor summer concerts are abundant during the warmest months, so take advantage of seeing a ton of great bands. Many bands tour more over the summer, so look up your favorites to find out if they will be in your area. Music festivals are another great option. Plus, they’re usually a few days during the summer, so you can have a full weekend of fun while getting to listen to some good music.


Take a Beach Trip

This summer activity is the epitome of a California vacation and it is the best time to soak up some rays on the sand with your friends while you can! In California, there is a long coast to pick from. You could go to Newport, Huntington, The Strand in Oceanside, Long Beach, etc. The list goes on and on so you will have plenty of beach spots to pick from. Get yourself to the beach and soak in the vitamin D!

Visit a National Park or Monument

This is a great way to get in some culture and history while on your break and get to see some amazing things. California is home to nine different national parks, and dozens of monuments so you can have your pick, just look up prices online. Plus, many of the national parks are now free on Saturdays, so if you are looking to keep costs low, then go on free days to save some money!


Go to the Drive-In

Bring out the kid in you who loved going to the drive-in, eat popcorn in the car, and get to see two movies for the price of one. Warm summer nights are the perfect weather for a night at the drive-in, and you get to see a new movie on the big screen. Plus, many drive-ins allow you to bring in your own food, and the cost is lower than going to see one flick at an indoor theater but you get to see two. You can’t beat that.

Take a Hike

If you are looking for a summer activity that takes advantage of the outdoors, then find a good hiking trail. You will get some good exercise, and have a great view of nature as you work up a sweat. There are a ton of hiking trails in California so you can do a quick trip that can be finished in a few hours, or find a trail that will be a whole day event. Either way, it will bring a little adventure into your summer vacation.


Check Out a Film Festival

This is a great summer activity that is a cool way to get in some different types of films and spend a day in the sun. Maybe of these film festivals hold outdoor events, although some are indoors, and have a full day of films to view. There are professional festivals or student ones that are put on by universities, so you can choose to view peer’s work or go see what professionals are working on. Spend a day checking out your local film festival and get to see a variety of work that you might not see anywhere else.

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Take a Road Trip

Get your friends, pile in a car, and just drive! This is a great summer activity that lets you see what California has to offer and explore the landscape. The California Coast is a great place to start, and you can take it all the way up to the Oregon border. Or, you can let the road take you and end up in a new place you might have just passed by otherwise. This is the best summer activity to explore all that California has and make some great memories along the way.


Beer Festivals

Most beer fests happen during the summer and it is a great way to taste test new brews by local breweries. Most of these events also have live music that you can enjoy while sipping on your drink. And, although this is a summer activity for the 21 and over crowd, if you’re not of age yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t go. Most beer fests have lower priced tickets, or free entry, for those who are underage so you still enjoy the food and watch the bands play. Plus, many breweries will have a craft soda or two to try too. This summer activity is a great way to sample new beers, and a fun way to spend a summer day outside doing some responsible day-drinking!

Record Memories

No matter what summer activity you are doing, you are bound to have an awesome time, but you will want to catalog your experiences. So, don’t forget to capture some pictures and videos of your time spent during your summer vacation. Photos of the view from the top of the hiking trail, friends on a road trip up the coast, or picks of beer tenders and bands at a beer festival will let you have a keepsake from your summer vacation. Plus, years down the line, you will have something to look back on to remember the great time you had.


Make your summer vacation one to remember with this summer activity list, and make sure that your time off is well spent. Make every day count, and take advantage of the hot days and cool nights. Which activity are you looking forward to the most? Comment below!