Every Girl Must Have This School Emergency Kit

For those girls who hate their monthly visit from mother nature, here is a cute DIY school emergency kit to carry with you at all times. Unfortunately, females can’t exactly take time off of school when their time of the month rears its painful head, or can you expect it to be on time. Although health trackers help you track your cycles, when puberty first hits, it can be extremely hard to maintain a steady cycle.

1. Makeup Bag/Pouch

The most essential piece for your school emergency kit is some sort of bag to keep your female products in. Considering how much space you probably need, you might want to look into using another makeup bag. I recommend you use a makeup bag for two reasons. One, makeup bags come in all shapes and sizes, so you can tailor the size to how many products you want to carry. Two, if you are insecure about grabbing something from your school emergency kit, the makeup bag will make it look like you’re simply touching up your makeup. You can also use a pencil case or a first aid kit bag. Although, some people might think it is weird taking a pencil case to the bathroom with you.

Every Girl Must Have This School Emergency Kit

2. Pads/Tampons

Depending on what you prefer, you should always make sure your school emergency kit is packed with lots of pads or tampons. How much you pack depends on your period flow. However, I highly recommend you pack a lot more than you expect. Why? What if a friend has her time of the month at the same time and needs one? Or, what if that day your period is a lot stronger? Always expect the unexpected! It is always better to have too much than too little.

Every Girl Must Have This School Emergency Kit

3. Pain Killers

Every school emergency kit must have a type of pain killer whether it is for your time of the month or not. You never know when you will have headaches or maybe aches from working out the day before. For this reason, it is always good to keep a travel sized bottle of Advil or Tylenol in your emergency kit. You can purchase a travel sized bottle at your local drug store. If they do not have one, you can take a pill container (the ones that have the days of the week labeled on it) and fill it up with pain killers.

Every Girl Must Have This School Emergency Kit

4. Hair Ties/Clips

One product that I always had to have in my school emergency kit were hair ties or hair clips. Especially if you are in elementary school and high school where gym class was mandatory, it is always good to have an extra hair tie just in case you forgot one. Also, you never know when someone else might need a hair tie, or the one you brought might have gotten lost. If you don’t have PE class, you never know when you need to put your hair up for work or any other reason. You can also use bandanas or scrunchies. Whatever product you prefer to add is up to you.

Every Girl Must Have This School Emergency Kit

5. Gum/ Tic Tacs

A must-have school emergency kit product are breath mints or gum if you are addicted to coffee like me. Unfortunately, the sweet taste of coffee is always accompanied by bad breath, so it never hurts to carry a package of gum around with you. Some schools may not like you to carry gum, so breath mints are always a good alternative. Some people simply prefer to bring an extra pair of toothpaste and a toothbrush with them. If you feel comfortable brushing your teeth in your school bathroom, then go for it.

Every Girl Must Have This School Emergency Kit

What’s in your school emergency kit? Do you have one? Are there any products we could be missing? If so, let us know down below!

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