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Every Day Makeup Looks For The Fall Semester

Every Day Makeup Looks For The Fall Semester

Whether you have no time or all the time in the world these everyday makeup looks for the fall semester will get you ready for class without sacrificing a cute and professional class look. With these easily achieved makeup looks that won’t take too long to master, you’ll be ready to get in and get out of your dorm before missing the beginning of class. 

Some of these everyday makeup looks will get you the compliments, and the great look of makeup simplicity yet you will still look gorg. 

1. Colorful Winged Liner 

A simple wing will do the trick! If you have a bit extra time try to do a cute colored liner trick on the eyes. If you have brown eyes, a deep purple could look really simple and pretty. For bluer eyes, I would try either the purple, a brown, or deep blue. If you like to go a bit edgier with your colors, try out hot pink, bright blue, or even neon orange. You can get all of these liner colors from Colourpop for a fraction of a luxury brand’s cost. You can get their liner pots with a rainbow of colors from white and black to lavender, silver, gold, and neon orange or yellow. You can go to the color pop website and find all of the great eyeliners for five or six dollars. They have colorful creme gel liners, eyeliner pots, and colorful liquid liners as well. 


2. No Time For Eyeshadow? Use Bronzer In The Crease! 

I do this trick all the time when I want a bit of a contour effect for my nose and eyes. I’ll quickly graze over my nose and then follow that bronzer over to the crease of my eyes. I put the bronzer in the crease and then use a bronzing illuminator to go over that once so that it has some sparkle. Your eyes will appear as if they have been intricately worked on with eyeshadow when really all you’ve done is quickly put some bronzer and illuminator in your crease. 

I use the Hoola Lite Bronzer from Benefit which you can find at either Ulta or Sephora and then the Patrick Star holiday bronzing illuminator which you can find at MAC. You can use any bronzer that you love for this trick. It’s easy and isn’t too crazy so you can achieve an easy every day look that will be cute, simple and get you ready for the day ahead. 


3. Brow Gel, Eyelash Curler, and Light Concealer Touch Ups For The On The Go Gals 

If you are on the go then some simple tricks can be used to help you appear awake and cute when really you’ve just rolled out of bed. I love using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer for ten dollars! It has enough coverage to make sure no one will know just how late you stayed up getting that essay done but it won’t over-do the coverage when you still want a natural appearance. Use a bit of setting powder for the under eyes and you’re all set! 

To get more of an awake appearance and like you actually spent some time on your look, use an eyelash curler to lift the look of your eyelashes and without having to do a whole bushy brow, use a brow gel to make them look bushy, and filled in quickly. This more natural look is definitely in so people will never know that you just woke up and ran out the door. 


4. Glossy Lips and Moisturized Skin 

Even if you did stay up all night, instead of looking dehydrated and tired, get a foundation that will create a dewy and moisturized look. The Nars Sheer Glow foundation would be great for that specific moisturized appearance. Using a setting spray that also helps you gain that look like the Morphe Setting Spray for fifteen dollars at Ulta would be perfect for the finishing moisturized and glossy look. Morphe also has great glittery and neutral colored glosses that will help finish off your awake and “I’m ready for class” vibes. 

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However, if you don’t have time for an entire foundation, brontour and highlighting look then don’t worry there are more simple ways to achieve glossy moisturized skin. I love using a toner, then face oil and then moisturizer especially if you have oily skin this routine will help to tame that throughout the day. After applying your moisturizer touch up with some concealer where you need to and use that Morphe Setting Spray or if you are going out into the sun, use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist with SPF 70. It’ll bring you a sun-safe glow because saving your skin from the sun is not only a summer necessity. 

5. Quick Contour or Brontour

What is a quick contour moment? Brontour! Use a quick bronzer and fluffy brush to lightly sweep the bronzer on the cheekbones, the jawline, forehead, and nose. When you are done sweeping the bronzer all over your face for a more chiseled look, use a setting powder to bake and cut the possibly messy look of the bronzer on your cheekbone. That way you can clean everything up, highlight the face with baking and create an easy, quick and simple brontour effect. 


The brontour effect is the ultimate everyday makeup look that will get you a faux contour appearance without all the hard work and morning time taken up. You can sit down at your desk, do your makeup, feel cute and ready for the day without having to sit there for an hour before heading out. Benefit’s Hoola bronzer is easy to use and is perfect for this effect. You can use your favorite setting powder, I love to use the Laura Mercier setting powder or the Maybelline Fit Me translucent setting powder for baking when doing some brontour. 

Which one of these ease everyday makeup looks are you going to be trying for the fall semester? Or what do you do to achieve a cute yet quick fresh appearance when you are on the go? Let us know! 

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