5 Every Day Glitter Makeup Looks

From Euphoria to the runway, glitter looks seem to be everywhere. What’s difficult is that they can be way too dramatic for everyday wear. Here are 5 every day glitter makeup looks for you to rock your glitter subtly. 

1. Glitter corners

This is by far the easiest and possibly the most subtle glitter look to try. Do your makeup as you normally would, and then apply some glitter to the corners of your eyes. This works great with subtle looks and dramatic ones. Glitter corners with a smokey eye? Yes, please. Soft day look with glitter corners? Count me in. 

This is a great way to experiment with glitter if you’re not sure it’s the look for you. It’s a low-risk, low-commitment look that is easy to remove if you aren’t happy with the results or if you feel like glitter just isn’t your thing. I don’t think this will be the case though, because glitter corners always make me feel like a Disney princess (or a glam rocker depending on my outfit). Even if sparkles aren’t your thing, I think everyone should try out glitter corners at least once in their life. It’s a serious confidence booster. 

5 Every Day Glitter Makeup Looks

2. A muted tone eyelid 

Rivaling the glitter corners for the most subtle everyday look is the muted tone glitter lid. It’s easy enough to swipe glitter over your eyelids, but sometimes that can turn out too dramatic. A deep purple glitter lid, for example, is really going to stand out. Any bright or dramatic color will, honestly. But light copper glitter? That’s going to really make your eyes pop in a subtle way that’s definitely not overdone. If your eyes don’t look great complemented by shades of brown, any light or pastel color will do. A baby blue with glitter could look just as beautiful as a rose or fawn! 

Want your look to be even more subtle? Try pairing your glitter lids with soft, natural tones throughout the rest of your makeup. Go for a subtle blush, maybe even matching lip color. Nothing is prettier than an all-around rosy look- especially when there’s glitter involved! 

5 Every Day Glitter Makeup Looks

3. Glitter highlight 

My personal favorite of all the subtle glitter looks is the glitter highlight. All you need is some shimmery highlighter- my favorite is Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Moonchild Glow Kit, but there’s plenty of glitter highlights out there. It comes with glittery blue, grey, purple, pink, green, and “blue ice” which is a light blue-tinted white shade. Again, there is no special technique for application. Just apply your glitter highlight as you would normally apply your highlight and watch as your face transforms into a radiant glow. You have full control over how dramatic or subtle you want this look to be. Blue ice tends to be my favorite because my skin is so fair it blends in nicely, giving me a subtle glittery highlight. I wear my Moonchild Glow Kit as an everyday highlighter, making sure not to apply too much. However, if you want a dramatic editorial look, cake it on! The glow will be breathtaking. 

5 Every Day Glitter Makeup Looks

4. Glitter eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner can be done in one of two ways. The first way is the double line. What you’ll want to do is first apply your eyeliner as you usually would. I find that a liquid cat-eye works best for this technique. Make your line as thick or as thin as you want, but remember that if your regular eyeliner is taking up your whole lid then the glitter won’t have its chance to shine. Then, using a liquid glitter eyeliner (I like Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner) make a line directly above your usual eyeliner. 

The second look is a bit more simple and subtle depending on the color you use, but what you’ll want to do is apply the glitter eyeliner on its own, allowing the glitter eyeliner to stand out and gently frame your eyelid. Again, the color you choose is going to have the biggest impact on how subtle or dramatic your look is. A gold or silver glitter liner is going to look soft and accent the rest of your look, whereas a red or blue glitter liner is going to be the focal point of your look. 

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5 Every Day Glitter Makeup Looks

5. Under-eye glitter

There’s a couple of ways I like to apply glitter under my eyes. First, the most subtle way to apply glitter under your eye is to simply run it directly under (not on) your waterline like you would with any other form of eyeshadow or eyeliner. Think of it like how you might frame underneath your eyelid for a smokey eye. Do that, but with glitter. Again, Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner is ideal for this technique because of its easy grip. I find that this really opens up your eye and gives you a bright and wide-awake look. Perfect for mornings after long study sessions! 

One of my all-time favorite looks comes inspired by Rue from Euphoria. I mean who doesn’t love/want to be Zendaya, right? I’ve seen it called the “sad clown” and also “glitter tears”. For the sad clown (which is the version Rue wears) you want to apply your glitter in upside-down triangles under your eyelid. This will give you a clown-like look, but with glitter. I know that doesn’t sound subtle or every day, but as long as you use a subtle color glitter, it is actually surprisingly wearable!

For glitter tears, you want to apply your glitter under your eyelid mimicking the look of tears falling down your face. You can get pretty creative with the shape and amount of glitter you apply with this technique. Once again, I love using Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. It’s easy to use and precise, bringing with it an easier way to apply your glitter. I seriously couldn’t recommend that product enough. It’s the holy grail of glitter makeup. Depending on how much glitter you apply, this look can either be dramatic or simply a few drops of glitter on your face. It’s up to you. 

5 Every Day Glitter Makeup Looks

Did we forget to include any other easy glitter makeup looks? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Credit: https://verilymag.com/2017/12/glitter-eyeliner-makeup-to-brighten-the-face-sophie-schumacher
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