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Every Beach You Need To Visit During The Warm Weather

Every Beach You Need To Visit During The Warm Weather

The warm weather is finally here, which means it is time to do warm weather activities! My personal favorite thing to do during my summers is tan at the beach and hanging out with my fellow beach loving friends. I live on Long Island, so this is obviously an easier task for me and my friends than for others far from beaches.

Going to the beach is a summer activity that many love, but if you don’t live by a body of water, it can take some traveling to get to one.But which beach should you visit? There are so many to choose from and they all have wonderful things to offer.


I am here to make this decision easier for you. As someone who loves to travel to places with beautiful beaches, I know a thing or two about where the best beach vacation spots are. Depending on where you go, the trip will be completely different because this list is pretty broad, you are guaranteed to find the beach town perfect for you and your friends’ next vacation.

The Hamptons

If you are looking for a more upscale and refined trip for this summer, the Hamptons is the perfect place to be. The beaches are not the nicest on this list, but the nightlife and restaurants on the water make it all worth it. I recommend saving up your money for this trip though because when visiting a rich town, expect to spend a lot of money. The food and drinks here are to die for and you and your friends will be happy you visited.


Miami Beaches

If you are looking for a tropical trip that is not a pond away, Miami is a great place to go. The beaches have crystal clear water and the people in the area are always down for a good time. The party scene is out of this world. If you are looking for a great bar town, Miami is truly the place. You are guaranteed to not get bored on this trip and you will definitely be inclined to go back.


As a seasoned Aruba vacationer, I am here to tell you that Aruba is my favorite place to visit for many reasons. The locals are very friendly, the resorts are wonderful, the nightlife is popping and the food is to die for. You literally get beachside food and drink service… What is better than that? Not to mention, Aruba is one of the only Caribbean countries that do not experience a hurricane season. With that, you will never have to worry about bad weather there. I used to dislike vacationing there as a kid because there is not a lot of stuff for kids to do, but if you are in your late teens, you will love the night life. Also, if you do go, you have to try an Aruba Areba. It is a citrusy yet tropical cocktail that is a staple for Aruba. 

Ocean City, Maryland

If you are looking for a cheap yet fun trip to go on with some friends, you should definitely consider visiting Ocean City. Last year, I went with 12 of my close friends and we had the best time. The boardwalk has many bars to choose from and since you are right on the water, the seafood is to die for! There is also a carnival there year round so if you are craving cotton candy or want to ride a Ferris wheel, Ocean City has you covered. The beverages are also affordable so are guaranteed to get a full experience trip for a bargain. The one con is that water is not that clear, but most east coast destinations are like that anyway. 


Delray Beach 

If you are looking for a place with younger nightlife, Delray is the place to vacation. Since it is close to Florida Atlantic University, it has a big young adult and college age population. With that, it is definitely a party town. Boca Raton is also a town over, so if you want to get away from that nightlife, Boca offers a different and more mature feel. The beaches around this area are gorgeous and filled with excitement. If you want to go on a trip and meet other fun people your age, this is the place to be.

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Atlantic City 

You can live out your Snooki and J-wow fantasies by visiting Atlantic City. Just like the Jersey Shore Crew, you too can be basking in their sun at a Jersey beach. Just like Delray, many young people vacation there, so you are guaranteed to be partying with a crowd your age. The boardwalk also has many fun activities to do and fun stores to shop at. The prices are quite high on the boardwalk though because it is a very touristy area. But, it is very fun.


Fire Island

Fire Island on Long Island is known to have beautiful beaches and even more beautiful bars and restaurants. Many young people go but people of all ages tend to vacation there. The cool and unique thing about Fire Island is the deers that roam around the island. They will literally come right up to you and I think it is kind of cute. The bars are also great and have various happy hour specials. The one con is that fire island is a ferry ride away and cannot be driven to. No cars are permitted on the Island, therefore when you get there, you will have to do a whole lot of walking. You also must make sure you make the last ferry if you are planning to spend a lot of time there. The ferries actually only run until midnight there, so if you miss it, you are kind of stranded. But once you get past all of that, it is definitely worth a visit.

I hope this list helped you find the perfect place to visit! What are some beaches that you enjoy vacationing to?