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10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

Some European Destinations are just made to be visited in the summer. Each country in Europe is unique in its own right and worth visiting, however, enjoying a hot European city break and soaking up the sun in the Mediterranean are some experiences you can only have in the warmer months.

So, whether you dream of floating down the canals in Venice or exploring the islands in Greece,  here are 10 must-visit destinations that you have to put on your summer bucket list.

1. Milos, Greece

If you’re someone who prefers to venture off the beaten track, then Milos is the island for you. Milos is a stunning island, located in the Cyclades island group, and it’s still largely unknown. This beautiful island boasts some of the most spectacular beaches around such as the moon like white rock beach of Sarakiniko and the turquoise blue waters and caves at Kleftiko so, it’s the perfect place to spend your summer days.

10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

2. Barcelona, Spain

One of the most alive and easily loveable cities in the world, Barcelona really is the ultimate summer destination. It’s rare to find a city that ticks off all of the boxes like this Spanish city does. Whether you’re after a cosmopolitan city, a beach break, history, architecture, partying or great food, Barcelona has it all.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a fairytale-like a town, located on the Adriatic coast and it’s one of those European destinations that has to make it on to your summer bucket list. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan then you’ll probably recognise this Croatian town as being the filming location for the tv series and with its narrow cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, it really is the dream summer destination.

10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

4. London, England

There’s never a bad time to visit London, but to really get the most out of the city, you need to go in summer. Warmer days mean plenty of opportunities to relax in London’s famous parks, enjoy a drink at the rooftop bars, stroll past all of the iconic landmarks and take advantage of the many festivals and events going on in the summer months.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Beautiful Lisbon is one of those European destinations that’s impossible not to fall in love with. Located on the Coast, this Portuguese city has no end of charming trams to ride, narrow streets and cute cafes to explore, however, to experience Lisbon at it’s best, you need to go when the weather is warmer and you can lie on the beach too.

10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

6. Budapest, Hungary

Beautiful Budapest is a city that’s fascinating at any time of the year but even more so in the summer because you can coincide your trip with Sziget festival. Sziget is one of the best and biggest music festivals in all of Europe and it’s held yearly in August in Budapest so if you ever needed an excuse to visit the city, it’s this.

7. Venice, Italy

With a maze of narrow canals, hidden courtyards, stunning architecture and countless bars and restaurants to explore, the Italian city of Venice really is a must-see destination. Be sure to take a ride on a gondola and bring your camera for a trip to one of Europe’s most photogenic destinations.

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10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

8. Mykonos, Greece

When it comes to European destinations, it’s hard to beat Mykonos. With its whitewashed building, winding streets, countless fashionable bars, restaurants and beach clubs, this beautiful Greek island really does have it all.

9.Positano, Italy

When it comes to summer bucket lists, you can’t get much better than Positano This stunning town in Italy’s Amalfi Coast really is one of the most picturesque places in the world, with its charming buildings and winding streets climbing up the side of the cliff edge. Surely, no time spent here relaxing on the beach and indulging in the best of Italian cuisine in the evening would ever be enough.

10 European Destinations That Should Be On Your Summer Bucket List

10. Paris, France

The city of love really is more enchanting in the summer. In a city that’s made for walking, the summer months mean that you can enjoy the very best of what Paris has to offer. Picnics in the park, a stroll along the seine and alfresco dining are what Paris does best so there couldn’t’ be a better European destination to spend summer in.

There are so many European destinations that are just made to be visited in the summer so, be sure to add some of these to your travel bucket list for this year. What other places in Europe are you desperate to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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