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15 Etsy Shops You Need To Check Out Today

15 Etsy Shops You Need To Check Out Today

If you want to shop small, support small businesses and surround yourself with beautiful, handcrafted goods, you need to be on Etsy (if you aren’t already!) Etsy gives small businesses, crafters and artists the opportunity to show off their wares. Not only will it give you the chance to get one-of-a-kind goods, but you can also feel great about supporting a creator. From body care to home decor to fun accessories, Etsy has something for everyone. Whether you are new to Etsy or just want to freshen up your favorite shops list, these 15 Etsy stores will have you swearing off buying big name brands for life!

1. BeanForest

Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan BeanForest is a mecca for funny buttons and gifts. This shop is perfect for gifts for your funny friend or if you want to let your sass show! Since 2009, the owner has been making and selling his designs using his artistic talents helped always by his cat!


2. UnboundElements

If you are looking for Handcrafted artisan jewelry and soul-soothing body care, look no further than UnboundElements. The wife and husband team combine their love for nature and crafting to make gorgeous items perfect for gifts or just to order for yourself. The moon jewelry is a crowd (and personal) favorite!

3. TheSirensPen

Founded after the loss of a family member, Jules channeled her anxiety and her thoughts into beautiful watercolor art that features calming and inspirational words. Her work is relatable and perfect to send in the mail to a friend or to order just as a reminder to yourself.  If you are looking for a unique gift, she also does pet portraits and home state paintings that are adorable.


4. MurderousJewels

This momma-run Philly based business aims to “Look killer and be comfortable in your own skin.” With beautiful, hand-made designs that tend to feature spooky, horror and witchy designs you’ll find something gorgeous and quirky to order! My favorite is the knife earrings (see below) and the classic horror movie-themed jewelry!


5. GrindstoneDesign

If you are looking for bigger design pieces to add accents to your home, look no further than Grindstone Design! Started in a family barn, Brooke and Brandon believe that all their pieces, everything from tables to beds to trays, have a history and they love to share it through their designs! Whether you are looking to make a big statement with a handcrafted bed or simply add a touch of their designs to your home, they have a piece you will love.

6. OneHappyLeaf

Not only does Anna design beautiful eco-friendly jewelry, but she also plants a tree for every order! The wood designed jewelry comes in necklaces, earrings and more that you will love to show off. Right now, the shop is offering Australian animal earrings to support the Wildlife Emergency Fund with 100% of the profits going towards the organization.


7. NoFoxGiven.Embroidery

If you’re into sassy, No Fox Given Embroidery has it in spades. Sarah has been making snarky (and slightly inappropriate) embroideries since 2017. With plenty of F-bombs and totally relatable sentiments, you’ll be proud to display her work. If you get a chuckle out of borderline offensive designs then this is the shop for you!


8. HouseVH

HouseVH, also known as KARVD designs, sells modular wall designs that are beautifully handcrafted and will add a rustic touch to your living space. Each modular design is easy to install and remove and you are able to create your own custom display. The hidden shelving units are my favorite!

9. TheHoboPenguin

This military mom shares her love of crafting through her shop. Based out of Arizona, you can be sure to find gorgeous wreaths, adorable signs and more. If you have a dancer in your life, her top-selling LOVE signs using ballet slippers are the perfect gift. With flowers and cuteness galore, her store is truly “A Knapsack of Treasures!”


10. BrookDrabotGlass

If you are looking for beautiful, eco-friendly, award-nominated items, this is the shop for you! Brook creates nature-inspired glass art, home decor and other wears. Her glass straws are one of her bestsellers, get some to save the turtles and look great while you do it!


11. BerkleyIllustration

Ryan and Lucy Berkley combined their love of animals and art in 2007 supplying cute portraits of animals to the Etsy world. Since then, they have done work for companies such as Nike, Land of Nod and Patagonia! Who doesn’t love cute animals wearing human clothing?

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12. LaCasaDeCoto

Based out of Barcelona, La Casa De Coto is a small operation selling “textile home objects” all designed by graphic designer and photographer Montse. The floor poofs and rugs offered in this shop are on-trend right now so you can’t go wrong ordering anything from this store.

13. WAAMIndustries

WAAM also is known as We Are Always Moving, sells handmade, ecofriendly bags and other products to help you reduce your waste. Grab some of their lunch or tote bags and say no to paper or plastic the next time you get food! Also, check out their wood wine racks and milk crates to add an eco touch to your home.


14. DesignAtelierArticle

Looking for a perfect gift for the minimalistic book lover in your life? Since 2011, the team at Design Atelier Article has been creating unique, functional decor that will look perfect in your home. Some of their most popular items include their bookends that are perfect for those in your life with a collection! Even though they are based out of Ukraine, the shop offers free shipping on a ton of their items-SCORE!


15. LittleBellsEmbroidery

Finally, what is quite possibly my favorite shop: my own! I can’t brag too much since I just started but I have always loved embroidery and starting when my husband was gone for several months for work, I really took a deep dive into my passion. I started the Etsy shop this past year and it has been so much fun!

Do you shop on Etsy? What are your favorite stores? Let us know in the comments!