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Top 15 Etsy Shops For Your Everyday Needs

Top 15 Etsy Shops For Your Everyday Needs

Let’s say Etsy is literally your lifeblood. You live for browsing a particular Etsy shop, getting what you want, and leaving that purchase with more serotonin than what you started with. Maybe you’re looking for a new Etsy shop, or just new products. 

Whatever the case may be, you love Etsy, and love supporting independent creators. So here’s a few shops that we like that will help you live your everyday life, from washing to clothes to food to accessories.

You’ll have everything you’ll ever want for your everyday needs and more! 


1. BloomingTees

Blooming Tees is an Etsy shop that specializes in cool t-shirts that have a lot of sayings such as “Stay Trippy, Little Hippy,” and t-shirts that show support for ending human trafficking. It’s all beautifully designed, and if you like cute, simple t-shirts in your wardrobe, then definitely go check out this Etsy shop. 

2. Goupi 

Goupi is an Etsy shop here it specialized in a variety of accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, and even sandals! It’s all giving off hippy, BOHO style vibes, and if you like that sort of style, then this Etsy shop is definitely for you. 


The jewelry is all pretty much how it all looks. It’s super cute! 

3. KetoBistro

Ooh, now onto the food! You gotta survive somehow, right? People with diets! This ones for you! 


KetoBistro is an Etsy shop that sells a lot of delicious food like keto bagels, keto biscuits, keto peanut butter cookies, and anything else. According to this Etsy shop, they sell “fresh, low-carb alternatives form our kitchen to yours!” And I can definitely see that in their food. It looks so tasty! 

4. TheLocca

The Locca is a small Etsy shop with only a few products, but trust me when I say that if you’re a boba fanatic (such as myself), then you’re going to love this Etsy shop. 


This Etsy shop offers boba tea kits, just the tapioca pearls, Thai boba tea kits, and organic matcha! This is one of the coolest shops to get your matcha and boba and Thai tea. Like no cap, they seem pretty cool, and you should totally check it out. 

5. Beautivity

Beautivity is an Etsy shop that sells super cute masks! Etsy cautions against buying masks because they’re not medical grade, and here’s what I’ll do here. Be careful getting masks from Etsy! 


Back to the masks; this Etsy shop sells masks that include a filter. There’s so many different masks with so many different patterns. If you like solid colors, they’ve got you. If you like pineapples and flowers on your masks, this Etsy shop also has you there. 


More clothes shops! CHARMINGDIY is an Etsy shop that sells mainly dresses and skirts! Their skirts especially are so well-made and so beautiful. 


Their dresses are just as gorgeous. They sell knee-length chiffon dresses, as well as floor length! Their chiffon dresses and skirts are ethereal. 

7. Kristin Shoes

Kristin Shoes is an Etsy shop that sells shoes, plain and simple. Their shoes are made of leather, and generally, really good material. 


They sell leather boots, leather Oxford shoes, leather Mary Janes, and even leather bags. Their products are super good quality, and we implore that if you want high-quality leather shoes, this Etsy shop is perfect for you. 


When I said everyday needs, I meant everyday needs. This includes showering and washing that gorgeous bod of yours! 


JOANSGARDENS is an Etsy shop that specializes in soaps! They’re all so aesthetic, and the soaps are all so cute! Go check them out.

9. TheWoodenWillow

Do you have pets, or you recently got one, and need a tag? No fear, TheWoodenWillow is here! 


TheWoodenWillow is an Etsy shop that sells adorable pet tags that are hand stamped! They have so many different designs and different materials, from gold to aluminum to copper. They’re simple, and really cute. If I had a pet, I would’ve definitely gotten one of these and put it on them. 

10. ThreeDogsBoutique

Here’s another pets oriented shop! ThreeDogsBoutique is an Etsy shop that sells products for you to make your doggo or kitty more dapper than they looked before! 


They sell bandanas with multiple patterns, leashes, and even BFF bracelets where you can get a bracelet that matches your pet’s leash. Adorable! 

11. CloudyDyes

Did you want another clothes Etsy shop? This one is different, I promise. 


CloudyDyes is an Etsy shop that sells cloudy dyed clothes! They have track suits, hoodies, masks, lounge sets, and so much more. They routinely use either dye or acid dye their clothes, giving them that really cool bleached look.

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If this is what you’re looking for, then CloudyDyes is the perfect Etsy shop for you. 


12. Old Town Spice Shop

Back to food, but this time, using spices for your food! Old Town Spice Shop is an Etsy shop that sells spices to make your food more flavorful. They also sell coffee! Coffee fanatics, and chefs, this one’s definitely for you. 

They routinely sells kits and boxes full of many different spices, so go ahead and check them out!


13. JandGhandMade

Accessories are the things that make a good outfit. JandGhandMade is an Etsy shop that sells accessories that will mesh well with any outfit that you put on. 

Their jewelry is dainty, beautiful, and you’ll definitely love it. This Etsy shop also sells a lot of headbands, for adults and kids alike. They sell bows 


14. YourOptics

YourOptics is an Etsy shop that specializes in luxury glasses! Ever wanted sunglasses? This Etsy shop is definitely the perfect fit for you. 

They sell Gucci glasses, Vintage Lens, Ray-Ban Aviators, and so many other products and luxury brands. Sunglasses are everyday needs, right? 


15. TurtlesSoup

Stickers are definitely everyday needs, let’s be real here. TurtlesSoup is an Etsy shop that sells stickers and pins of all kinds! They have Halloween pins, and Halloween stickers that glow in the dark! 

Have you ever had an overwhelming urge for adorable postcards? This Etsy shop has those too! Whatever stationary, stickers, or pins that you want, they’ve got. 


All of these shops have amazing and high-quality products, and all of them are definitely for your everyday needs. Don’t question it, just trust me. Anyways, we hope that you check out all of these wonderful shops, and even get some stuff from one Etsy shop that you like. Happy shopping! 

Which Etsy shop caught your eye the most? Let us know! 

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