5 Ethical Swimwear Brands You Should Check Out

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be quite the challenge, especially when you are working to shop for eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical brands. Here are some of the top ethical swimwear brands I recommend you check out that will not only make you feel cute and confident this summer, but will make you feel good for supporting!

1. Summersalt

Summersalt is an ethical company that focuses on fair pricing, quality fit, comfortability, and eco-friendly practices. This being said, they are completely dedicated to ensuring that each of their different swimsuits are far from lacking in design, keeping such a touch of elegance and sophistication in each of their styles.

They state on their website that they, “create travel essentials that are comfortable enough for the journey, and stylish enough for the destination.” They easily prove this in each swimsuit they create and sell. With ethical practices, fair prices, and a transparent mission statement, Summersalt is DEFINITELY worth checking out while you’re on the hunt for a good, ethically sourced swimsuit this summer!

2. Reformation

Reformation is known worldwide for their dedication to sustainability in all of their clothing collections, and their swimwear collection does nothing but solidify that focus! Something that I find unique to Reformation as a brand that gained my ultimate support is their transparency in exactly who makes their clothes and how they are treated in Reformation’s sustainable factory based in Los Angeles.

They offer such a unique selection of feminine styles and patterns throughout their swimwear line, so there is certainly something for EVERYONE. With the slogan, “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2,” their intentions as a brand are extremely evident, and this is why I encourage you to give their swimwear a shot this summer when you are on the hunt for the perfect bikini (with the perfect backstory)!

3. Manakai Swimwear

Manakai Swimwear is ranked as the #1 most sustainable and ethical swimwear brand in Hawaii, so there is no question that it needed to be included in this list! This recognition alone proves that their ethical practices deserve love and appreciation. The company was built with a dedication to ethical business practices, hiring women who are also passionate in empowering other women across the world. This is something I find extremely important while on the hunt for truly ethical companies.

Manakai prides itself in being more than your average swimwear company, and I feel that their sustainability practices speak for themselves in proving that. This being said, they provide such sophisticated and quality swimsuits that are more certainly worth your investment! As they grow in popularity, I except them to release fun new lines in the near future, so definitely keep your eyes out for Manakai Swimwear this summer!

4. Sober & Naked

Sober & Naked is a very new brand, releasing their first collection in 2017! However, they definitely deserve recognition among the top ethical swimwear brands that you have to check out this summer. I have a feeling they will become a household name in no time! They are dedicated to valuing each process of their swimwear creation, starting with picking quality and environmentally fabrics to ensuring ethical manufacturing procedures.

This being said, Sober & Naked certainly is not sacrificing any sort of design or style in dedicating a brand to consciousness, and once you check out their swimwear line, you will definitely agree that they have some CUTE pieces! As a new brand, I expect them to blow up in popularity in no time, so I highly recommend you check out their website while you’re still ahead of the game!

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5. Hah

Hah is another ethical swimwear brand that I feel just does not get quite enough recognition. As a company, they are incredibly dedicated to sustainable practices in their manufacturing and are very transparent in their efforts. They value on only their environmental footprint, but social  as well!

As a brand, they claim to, “think it’s Hot-As-Hell to be conscientious,” and they prove that it can easily be done by investing in their pieces. This is something that attracted me to Hah swimwear right away! This brand is unwilling to sacrifice any elements of style or fit while maintaining their ethical practices, which makes their swimwear line definitely worth trying out this summer!

Now that you have a list of five different ethical swimwear brands worth checking out this summer, I hope your hunt for the perfect swimsuit is much easier! Plus, you know that you are supporting such a conscientious cause by investing in any of these companies!

Let us know what you think of these brands down below, and enjoy shopping!!

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Alyssa Negele

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