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8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

I love reading all sorts of blogs, but I’ve gotten very into reading ethical fashion blogs lately. However, because ethical and sustainable fashion is a major topic right now, altogether a good thing, it can be overwhelming to see all of the blogs and find out which ones will work for you. My advice is to just take it slow and don’t feel like you have to read everything in a day. Take your time absorbing these bloggers content because there’s some really good stuff out there. 

To make the search hopefully a little easier, I’ve curated 8 of my favourite ethical fashion blogs that you ‘d want to bookmark right now if you want to learn more about how to incorporate an ethical lifestyle into your everyday. 

1. Petra Alexandra 

Sara Brown is an Ontario-based blogger whose mission it is to express her love for minimalism and ethical fashion to the world. She has articles on multiple topics, varying from style, beauty, and home to encourage green living. What I love about Sara’s blog is that it’s not intimidating, instead showing her readers realistic options to help begin living a minimalist lifestyle. Some of my favourite articles from her are these, to get you started: ‘Affordable Ethical Fashion Brands ($100 & Under),’ ‘Spring 30×30 Capsule Wardrobe,’ and ‘How To Save Up For An Investment Piece.’ Everything about Sara’s blog is real and attainable, which is what we want in ethical fashion — and ethical fashion blogging. 

8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

2. Jess With Less

Jess from ‘Jess With Less’ focuses on creating a low-waste lifestyle for herself, and sharing her experiences with her followers on her blog. Jess categorizes her blog under four categories — Home, Style, Simplified Living, and Zero Waste — for a well-rounded look at what it looks like to live a lifestyle of low-waste. I love her ‘The Less Digest‘ series posts, which rounds up the things she has done or experienced the past week re: living with less.

I think what’s very important about learning about sustainable and simple living is that it’s a slow process, and what Jess’ blog does is really show the value in slowly learning how to live simply and consciously. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your ethical wardrobe, zero waste initiative, or money investments. Yet, each day you can move towards these goals, and Jess does a great job at showing you how to start doing just that. ‘10 Zero Waste Habits That Save You Money‘ and ‘Guide To A Shopping Ban, and Why You Should Try It,’ for instance. 

8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

3. The Nord Nest

The Nord Nest is a beautifully simple visual representation of the life Marie Emily depicts having, one made up of simple pleasures, classic and ethical fashion, and the tastiest food to fuel your body and soul. Marie Emily has a very active Instagram account, so if any of those above things appeal to you (try all three!), I’d recommend giving her a follow: @thenordnest. 

8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

4. Un-Fancy

I’ve looked to Caroline Joy’s blog, Un-Fancy, for years while I’ve made the transition to capsule wardrobing and minimalist fashion. What I love about Caroline’s blog is that it fills me with inspiration when it comes to putting a capsule together and learning how to choose and style versatile pieces. She has great posts about 10×10 challenges where she chooses 10 pieces to wear for 10 days.

Caroline and Lee of the blog, Style Bee, who I will be featuring below, are basically the OGs of capsule wardrobing and wardrobe challenges, so I highly recommend bookmarking their respective blogs whenever you need inspiration and guidance. 

8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

5. Style Bee

As I mentioned, Lee Vosburgh is a major game changer when it comes to wardrobe capsules; in fact, I feel like she pretty much put them on the map, so to speak. Like Caroline from Un-Fancy, Lee also has 10×10 challenges to give you some ideas on how to choose and style pieces that are classic and versatile, but she also has posts about learning how to pack lightly and consciously for trips. She also has a Style Directory of her favourite ethical fashion brands, which is so so so worth checking out if you’re interested in ethical fashion.

She also has an amazing page on what she calls ‘The Closet Mission‘ to help you start your own ethical, capsule wardrobe with a downloadable toolkit. The image below is Lee’s personal Fall wishlist, something she creates for every one of her seasonal wardrobes. 

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8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

6. Anuschka Rees

Now an author or two books, Anuschka Rees is all over the web when it comes to curated closets and ethical wardrobes. I highly recommend checking out her blog for serious inspiration and feelings of self-love. If you’re just getting started with your mindful fashion journey or are on the hunt for some inspiration and inner confidence, be sure to take a look at Anuschka’s blog posts, Instagram, and her two books — The Curated Closet and Beyond Beautiful

8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

7. Seasons + Salt

Andrea’s blog Seasons + Salt is another amazing ethical fashion blog that inspires and guides the reader towards learning how to curate an intentional wardrobe and feel good while doing so. What I love about each of these bloggers in this post is that they guide their readers just as much as they inspire them.

At least in my opinion, when we’re learning how to do something new, we can become overwhelmed with all that we have yet to learn and that can occasionally take the fun out of it. Each of these bloggers reminds us that you can make an impact with the choices you make and you can have fun doing so. Like Lee, Andrea shares her own style directory, which comes in handy when you’re just learning about ethical wardrobes. They will give you a good idea of company missions, price points, fabrics, and manufacturing processes, all of which are crucial to know when selecting where you shop.

8 Ethical Fashion Blogs That You Should Be Bookmarking Right Now

Which ethical fashion blogs have you inspired to start living more simply and mindfully? What have you done to live more sustainably and ethically? Share below! 

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