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11 Things You Need If You’re Obsessed With Yoga

Whether you attend yoga classes at Ping, go to a local studio, or throw out a mat in your room, yogis love their yoga gear. What’s essential for the devoted yogi, though?SOCIETY19 has a list just for you!


1. A high quality yoga mat.

Yoga Accessories, Yoga Outlet, and even Walmart have mats that will suffice for your savasana. Choose something that’s not too thin: the pressure from your feet and hands will wear right through it.


2. Body-skimming shirts and tank tops.

While some people like to wear loose-fitting tops while practicing yoga, it’s more comfortable and less awkward for the people around you to wear tops that are body-skimming. Think about it: all that bending over and back and forth motions will move your shirt all over the place.

3. A supportive sports bra.

Yoga newbies are normally surprised by how much movement is involved in a yoga flow. Thus, it’s important to have the right kind of gear to keep certain parts of yourself where they need to be. Bonus: supportive sports bras minimize the size of your breasts (duh), making it easier to do poses that require you to put your chest on the ground, such as various shoulder stretches.

4. Non-sheer yoga pants or leggings.

I REPEAT: NON-SHEER. Don’t be the person who goes to a class in three-dollar, flimsy, see-through pants or leggings. It will only make the child’s pose super weird for the person behind you.

5. A large water bottle.

Again, back to the fact that some yoga flows are really intense: you will need a water bottle. Avoid one with a screw-on lid (sorry, Nalgene lovers) because unscrewing it and screwing it back on will be annoying mid-class.


6. Slip-on shoes.

Sandals or slip on shoes such as Toms are the way to go when you’re shoving off to a class. Socks are a nuisance to yogis, and tying up laces is just a hassle.


7. A blanket.

Yoga blankets are essential for giving your hips and back support during stretches; also, people have a tendency to feel cold during the savasana flow in yoga, so the blanket will warm you up and help you relax.


8. A towel.

Hot and power yoga are great for getting your blood pumping and pores sweating. Carry around a towel so your hands don’t slip on your mat (sweat rolling down your neck and face also tends to be annoying)…


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9. Hair ties and head band.

These are a no-brainer: it’s not pleasant to have your hair dangle by your eyes and cling to your face when you are trying to perfect your Downward-facing Dog.


10. Loose-fitting pants with elastic ankles.

Some people like wearing tight pants when working out, while others prefer athletic leggings. And yet, some people wear baggy pants that give them more room to move. There are a ton of brands of loose pants or sweatpants to choose from, but a popular brand of pants called The Elephant Pants, has been popping up around campus.

Bonus: Portions from each sale go to the African Wildlife Foundation, which aids rangers in stopping and punishing poachers.


11. A Yoga block.

Blocks help you with stretching and can help you to prevent injuring yourself. You can use them with multiple poses, and some yogis even use it in place of a blanket!


What are some other things you would need if you are obsessed with yoga? Comment for our readers below and share this article with friends!
Featured image source:, yogi-moni.
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