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Essentials You Need For Your Fall Semester

Essentials You Need For Your Fall Semester

Fall semester is right around the corner so it’s about time to start preparing! It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of summer and sometimes we can forget to get a few important things we’ll need to help the upcoming semester flow smoothy.

But no need to worry! That’s why I’ve created this little list of a few essentials that you need for your fall semester. You’ll be thankful you snag these when you see how much easier they’ll help your semester to breeze by! 

Planner With Calendar

One of the most helpful things you can get for the upcoming fall semester is a planner/calendar book. Before you begin your classes try and download the syllabus and within the first week of class write down everything into your planner/calendar. 


You can star important days and exams on the calendar and write all of your assignments, etc. in the notes section of this planner. This planner is so helpful to have because it’s almost like a giant syllabus with all of your classes combined. 

It can be a bit overwhelming writing everything into it, but don’t worry! It’s totally worth it and you’ll thank yourself a million times for getting it done in the first week of school.

This way you won’t always have to keep checking your printed syllabus (although that’s still important to keep close), and you can just have everything in your cute and handy planner book! 


After doing this, I almost guarantee you’ll never want to go another semester without it! 

Grab Your Planner/Calendar Book Here:


Organized Backpack

It’s always fun to get a cute backpack for your fall semester, but it’s important to remember to keep it practical! Getting a backpack that has good zipped pockets and places for everything will really help you to stay more organized during your fall semester.

It’ll take away the stress of having to deal with a super cute, but not practical bag falling apart in the middle of the semester. Although just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be cute. Check out this adorable and practical backpack below! 


Grab Your Backpack Here:


Your Favorite To Do List

Something that’ll help you accomplish everything you need to do, step by step, is a to do list! These are great and it’s fun to pick out a cute one so you’ll be more inclined to use it every day.

There’s really nothing more satisfying than checking something, big or small, off your to do list. You’ll find that this will help you get more things done by keeping your goals organized and written out, checking them off one at a time! 


Get Your To Do List Here:

Different Colored Highlighters

Having a few different colored highlighters around is a life saver during your classes and while you’re studying. You can color coordinate your notes and use them to separate different classes in your planner/calendar book! 


Highlighting important information will help it stand out, and that way you can remember to come back and study it more. You’ll find that they’re also great to keep your planner/calendar book more organized and you can highlight the days on your calendar that you have big exams or holidays during your fall semester! 

Grab Your Highlighters Here:


Different Folders For Every Class

You’re going to be getting a lot of different papers for every class you take this fall semester, so it’s important to keep them organized. Before the semester starts, try and get different colored folders for every class and label them so you know which is which.

That way you can keep important documents in those folders without losing them or mixing them up with papers from different classes! You can also keep your returned work in the folders, and you might find yourself coming back to them later in the semester for further studying.


Grab Your Folders Here:

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Good Set Of Pens/Pencils

This is probably a given, but it’s important to have a good set of pens and/or pencils for your classes so you won’t have to be looking for one when you get to class. It’s also great to be prepared with several back-ups; I can’t tell you how many times my pens or pencils have seemed to vanish into thin air!

P.S. This can help you make some friends if you’re new in class! It seems that at least one person in every class will forget a pen or pencil, and trust me … they’ll be thankful you have one to share!


Shoutout to all the people who have shared pens and/or pencils with me throughout the semesters! 

Grab Your Pens/Pencils Here:


Pencils Pen/Pencil Bag

You’re definitely going to need something to hold all of your pens and pencils in so they won’t be flying around in your backpack! This will help to keep everything together and it will create less stress when you have everything all organized and where it should be. 


Get Your Pen/Pencil Bag Here:


Getting a whiteboard and putting it up in your room or dorm room will further help you to stay organized and in control of your assignments this fall semester. Whiteboards are also a great study tool, and you can use them to write down your weekly goals alongside your to do list! 


You can even write motivational quotes or draw cute pictures to help you get through those stressful weeks that come with every fall semester. You can do it!

Get Your Whiteboard Here:


From planners to white boards, we’ve got you covered with a few essentials you’ll need for your fall semester. Let us know how they help in the comments below!

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