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10 Essentials To Put In Your Bag Just In Case You Sleep Over

10 Essentials To Put In Your Bag Just In Case You Sleep Over

When sleeping over at your crushes, you better make sure that your overnight bag is stocked with your essentials to wake up fresh and beautiful as when you walked into their place. Here are 10 essentials to put in your bag just in case you sleepover.

1. Yeah… that morning breathe is not cute.

Find that toothbrush fast because you are going to need it. Sleeping over at your crushes house can be fun and nerve-racking at the same time, but mostly fun!  The reason it doesn’t become fun anymore is when your “must needs” are not in your overnight bag in the first place.

Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste. When we wake up, our breathe just doesn’t smell all that great. Get up and brush those pearly whites as soon as your eyes open. You and your crush will thank me. Trust me.

2. Makeup, wipes, and okay bring the facial cleanser too!

Now depending on how comfortable you feel when it comes to going to bed without makeup at your crushes place, will determine which order you will use the wipes. If you are comfortable in your own skin (which you should, but we get it if you don’t right away) take out the makeup wipes from your bag and take off the makeup.

Let’s say you don’t feel that comfortable to take everything off the makeup and have him seeing the “real you”. That’s okay, but you better have brought your makeup in your bag. When you wake up the next morning, hop into the bathroom, and use your makeup wipes to cleanse your face.

Then, wash your face with a small travel size facial cleanser and then go into a new fresh face of makeup. No need to go in-depth with the makeup routine the next day though. Just do a cute “no makeup, makeup look”, put the hair down to frame the face, and walk out.

3. Smell gooood

Listen up, we need to smell good. It makes not only our crush fall completely in love with you, but it also makes you feel good. It’s so important to feel confident especially if you decide to sleepover. Put lotion, perfume, or anything that you like that smells good into your bag.

Wearing a perfume that fits you can change how you feel at any moment. Go to your local beauty department store and pick out a scent that makes you feel how you want to feel during the night you sleepover. Did you want to feel sexy? Sultry? Mysterious? Which one is going to make you feel amazing? When you find a good one buy it, and put it in your overnight bag ASAP. We promise you will enjoy the night way more than expected.

4. Wipes for you know where.

Ladies, I need you to put your listening ears on because this one is with a doubt, ESSENTIAL. Period. Many of us tend to be sweaty in the downtown area and that is just not fun. Put some vaginal wipes in your bag so that you will always be ready no matter what.

5. Clean undies is the way to go.

Alright, so your yahoo is clean because of the wipes, but what about the undies? If you were thinking of putting those dirty gross, stinky undies back on, think again. You need to be clean 24/7. You don’t want to ever be smelling anything from down there and that is one area that can turn into a disaster if you aren’t careful. Slip into some sexy undies from your bag and you should be good to go.

6. Condoms and lube

Men should have condoms stacked up, but sometimes they don’t. Or they make a dumb excuse as to why they don’t have them. Do not listen to them. Take out that condom that you have in your bag, and save yourself from any STDS, and most importantly pregnancy. Might as well throw not just one, but a couple in that bag of yours.

It may be also good to slip some lube into your bag as well. Not all of our downstairs is wet, and that’s okay.  We just need a little extra help to get things started. It will feel way more pleasurable for both of you.

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7. Charger

Always put your charger and phone in your overnight bag. There could be a chance they don’t have a charger for you. You want to make sure your phone is charged because although you may feel safe around your crush, you never know how things may turn. Keep your charger in the bag, just in case your battery is getting a little too low.

8. Brush

Brining a brush in your bag is essential because you never know what you may wake up looking like. It also might be good to bring extra hair items too depending on how manageable your hair is. If you have straight hair it might be best to just bring a hair tie, a couple of bobby pins, dry shampoo, and your brush. If you have curly or wavy hair, it might best to bring hair ties, bobby pins, a brush, serum, curl activator, and anything that you may feel you need to tame the beast that sits on top of your head.

9. Lip balm

With all that making out you are probably getting done, it would be best if you slipped in your favorite lip balm. Some of my favorites are Burts Bees, Carmex, Maybelline Baby Lips, Aquaphor, and Vaseline. No one likes to kiss dry, crackly lips. Buy the chapstick and put it in your bag.

10.  Tums or Gas X.

When you are with your date, most likely you have had some kind of food to eat from the time you two met up. Not all of us can enjoy a delicious meal on a date and not feel the gas build up inside.

Bring Tums or Gas X in your bag to save your life. The worst feeling is when things are become heated in the bedroom and then you pass gas. You can bet that the mood is killed. Slip one of those lifesavers into your bag and have one before or after your food. It will guarantee no more gas bubbles for the rest of the night.

What do you like to put into your overnight bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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