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8 Essentials To Get A Salon Pedicure At Home

8 Essentials To Get A Salon Pedicure At Home

Whether you are running errands, doing a workout, at work on your feet, dancing in your room, cleaning the house, or going for a morning run, you are constantly on your feet. Everyone is! Just as everyone deserves to dress up and feel good about their appearance and themselves, so do your toes. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of going to the nail salon and paying handsomely for a well-needed pedicure. Especially now, with all the nail salons being closed due to COVID-19. Even if you are at home sitting on the couch, trying to be a teacher and homeschool your children, cleaning the house, creating new baking recipes and dishes, or crafting away your days, your toes deserve to have a salon pedicure. Since nail salons’ doors are closed, across the globe, why not give yourself a salon pedicure, at-home edition? As a form of helping you treat yourself, here is a list of the 8 essential items you will need to give yourself a proper salon pedicure.

1. Towel

When treating yourself with a salon pedicure, there are a few basics to have handy and prepped at your decided station (where you will be giving your toes the treatment). A towel is the first thing to have at your side. There will be some moisture and water involved in the treatment. You are trying to mimic the same treatment you receive at the nail salon, where they wash and ensure that both your feet are clean and free of any filth before pursing the rest of the treatment.

2. Basin (or Bathtub)

Next on the list of essentials items for a salon pedicure at home is a basin. To make the experience more of a proper salon pedicure, fill your basin, or bathtub with warm water. Add some Epson or bath salt into it as well if you have any available. While you are at it, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Now, ease your feet into the warm, sweet-smelling basin. Soak them for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, allowing time for your pads to soften as the essential oil deepens its therapeutic aroma.

8 Essentials To Get A Salon Pedicure At Home

3. Buffer

After you finished soaking your toes, lift them out of the basin and pad them dry using a towel. Next, you are going to want to pull out your handy dandy buffer and buffer your feet until they are free of any dead or dry skin, and smoother than the crash of the waves as they collide with the beachy shore. No longer will your feet feel heavy and crusted over with the exasperation of the long days’ tread. Instead, they will feel light and revitalized with new energy.

4. Moisturizer (Foot Cream)

Now, that your feet and toes are smoother than the sandy shores, layer them with a foot cream. Any lotion you have readily available will do if you do not have specifically any foot cream. As you layer your feet with the moisturizer of your choosing, be sure to deepen the sensation and massage the lotion into the soles, heels, and in between the cracks of your toes. Again, your feet deserve to be well-dressed and treated. They do so much for us every day.

8 Essentials To Get A Salon Pedicure At Home

5. Nail Kit

The most important off all the essentials for a salon pedicure at home is a nail kit. Preferably one that includes clippers, cuticle nippers, pusher, and a nail filer. According to the founder of Naked Beauty Bar, Julia Bautista, when you give yourself an at-home pedicure, consider cutting your toenails straight across and softening out the edges using your nail file. Doing this will help you to avoid developing any ingrown nails.

6. Toe Dividers, Separators, or Spacers

Following the time you have spent clipping, trimming, and filing down your lovely toes, it is time to slip on your toe dividers, separators, or spacers. They are all used for the same thing. These will help you out when removing your old nail polish (if you have any on your toes) and applying a new nail coat. I mean, you are treating yourself to a salon pedicure. Your nails will get painted at some point.

8 Essentials To Get A Salon Pedicure At Home

7. Nail Polish Remover

How can you give yourself a proper at-home salon pedicure without nail polish remover or acetone? You cannot. Take some cotton balls, paper towels, or toilet paper, dab some nail polish remover onto them, and erase your old nail color (if you had on prior to giving yourself a salon pedicure). If you did not, then what harm could ensure your toenails are free of any filth by using some nail polish remover, or acetone? Better to be squeaky clean.

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8. Nail Polish

Here and now, your toes have been washed, buffered, moisturized, cut, and shaped. Dare I say it, it is, at long last, time for the nail polish. You have removed your old coat of color. That is erased and gone from your sight. Now, resting easy in front of you are blank canvases of toes. Paint them however you like! Simple, patterned, mix-matched, French pedicure. Even dazzle them up with some gems, rhinestone, or sparkle. If you want, try a new look on your nails. Maybe attempt the Ombre look of toenails, which to do that you will need a clean makeup sponge (cosmetic wedge).

How you do the Ombre look of toenails is first to apply a base color onto your nails. Next, you will apply a thin line every color of nail polish you wish to use to complete your Ombre nail look above one another, onto the sponge. Next, once the colors are dry on the sponge, just pad the sponge on top of your toenails. Bouncing it up and down onto your nails. You will have to add multiple layers of your nail polish colors onto your nails. This is normal. Just reapply the colors in the same way you did before. Wait for both the sponge and your nail to dry before adding on another layer.

However, you decide to paint your toenails, make sure that they are to your liking.

8 Essentials To Get A Salon Pedicure At Home

Have you given yourself a salon pedicure at home? How did your toes turn out? Did you use some of the essentials listed above? If you have not given yourself a salon pedicure at home yet, did this inspire you to now? Let us know in the comments below.

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