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6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over

6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over

Whether it’s a planned sleep over with the guy you’ve been seeing or a spontaneous night in with the guy you just met while out with the girls, it is best to be prepared. Sleep over essentials will help to keep you feeling confident. Here are 6 sleep over essentials for a night at his place. 

1. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Morning breath is bad, breath that smells of a night out can be even worse. Often, we are not prepared for a sleepover when we go out to the bars with friends. We are sure to carry enough lip gloss, cover-up, and hairspray to last us all night, however, we tend to forget to bring a toothbrush and paste with us. These are sleep over essentials. Not having these essential items can create a very unfortunate situation for us if we do not end up in our beds at the end of the night.

6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over

Stale breath can be caused by alcohol, dry mouth, food, and bacteria that have been collected in and around the gums, on the tongue, and on the tonsils. Bacteria can also cause a film on your teeth, creating a very unpleasant feeling within your mouth. Save yourself from embarrassment and stale breath, and pop a toothbrush and a travel-sized toothpaste in your purse, and be sure to use it both morning and night. The person who goes in for a kiss will thank you later. 

2. Condoms!

It is up to us to protect our personal health. Condoms are the most essential item for a sleepover. You can’t leave it up to him to make sure you are being safe and taking care of your sexual health. Even if you are on birth control, this will not protect you against an STD. Condoms are the most effective way of protecting yourself from transmitting HIV and STDs. Using a male latex condom or a female condom will greatly reduce any risk of catching an STD. Pop a few condoms in your purse, and remember, protection first!

6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over

3. Hair Perfume 

To some, hair perfume may seem to be a frivolous purchase or one we would have made in high school so our parents didn’t know we were hanging out with people in the smoker’s corner. As laughable as hair perfume may sound, in a pinch, it can be just what we need. After a night of bar-hopping through cigarette strewn streets and musty bars, our hair can collect many different smells, much of which (when mixed with our natural hair oils and other hair products) can smell pretty putrid, making hair perfume a sleep over essential. If we do not have access to shampoo, hair perfume can get us through the day while limiting the smells trapped in our hair. If you are looking for a good hair perfume that won’t break the bank, I recommend using Amika 001 hair fragrance, Gisou Mini Honey Hair Perfume, or Dove Beauty Go Active Hair Perfume. 

6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over

4. Feminine Wipes

Feminine wipes not the most attractive item in your bag, we can all agree, however, these are sleep over essential. Feeling less than clean can affect our confidence and can lead to a rather embarrassing evening (or night). We all like to feel clean and feminine wipes can help us do just that. They help to balance out our PH and freshen us up. Gynecologists suggest using ones that are unscented, glycerin-free, and alcohol-free as these products can often cause vaginal or vulvar dryness and can potentially change the natural PH of the vagina. Remember to follow all given instructions and avoid using perfumes and other products on the vagina between showers. Add these to your sleep over essentials bag and stay feeling fresh all night long. 

6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over

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5. Deodorant

As a child, my mother would often tell me that smelly pits smelled like hamburgers. When I smell BO, this is what I smell, hamburgers. After suffering through my middle school years, being told to make sure I wore deodorant or else I would smell like the sports bar down the street, Deodorant is an item that I never forget. It is essential that I keep in my bag at all times, sleepovers, or not. Having underarms that smell unclean will likely not lead to a text or a second date, so stash a hard-working deodorant in your bag. It will save you any embarrassment after sweating it up on the dance floor with the new guy you’ve met. When it comes to sleep over essentials, some are not necessary for every day, however, this is an item you can keep in your bag and is small enough to store safely.

6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over

6. A Fresh Pair of Undies!

Last but certainly not least, a fresh pair of underwear! Having to slip on a not so fresh pair of underwear is never the most attractive, or sanitary thing you can do. Wearing a dirty pair can through off your PH (thank goodness for those feminine wipes you have at the bottom of your bag), and can cause irritation from dirt, sweat, and bacteria trapped in the fabric when pressed against your skin. If you have a loser pair for the morning after, while still retaining that sexy confidence, opt for these ones unless you can catch a shower at his place. Bacteria from the night before can still be on your skin, wearing a loser pair of undies can help to avoid pushing that bacteria any closer to the sensitive parts of your body. Tuck a fresh pair in the pocket in your bag. You will feel one hundred times better slipping on a clean pair after a night out with this sleep over essential. 

6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bag If You Plan To Sleep Over 

Whether an impromptu or spontaneous sleepover, it is important that we have essential items to carry us through the night and into the morning. When packing your overnight bag, be sure to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste; personal hygiene step number one. You should also remember to pack deodorant and hair perfume to keep you smelling fresh. To keep you feeling fresh, pack a clean pair of undies and feminine hygiene wipes. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, condoms. Do not rely on someone else to protect your health, take the initiative, and bring a few just in case one breaks or you’re ready for round two. These items will help to squash any hints of insecurities and help you to feel your best when spending the night at his place.  

What do you pack in your sleep over essentials bag?