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10 Essentials From Target You’ll Wish You Bought Sooner

Walking into Target is a transcendent experience. There is nothing quite like a trip to Target when you’re stressed or upset, or simply just bored. It could get overwhelming, as there is no doubt that you will want to buy everything you lay your eyes on. So I compiled a list of my favorite Target products that I think you’ll love! Here is a list of 10 essentials from Target that you have to pick up on your next trip! 

1. Refillable Spray Bottle

This spray bottle that sells for $7.99 at Target is the perfect sidekick for cleaning. Fill this spray bottle up with whatever cleaning liquid you choose and eliminate waste while making your house shine. This bottle is so cheap and will last you forever! Definitely an essential for any home. 

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2. Opalhouse Candles

Every single Opalhouse candle found at Target is worth the buy. I have not come across one scent that I don’t absolutely love. These candles come in all different containers and sizes. My favorite scent is the Pinkberry Sangria. This is the perfect scent for summer and the Wrapped Tin Jar retails for only $8.00 and have beautiful summery designs all over them. They’ll look great in any room of the house! I definitely recommend picking one up the next time you’re browsing through Target. 

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3. Beaded Tassel Garland

This garland is such a cute accent to any room. The beads are wooden and the tassels are a beautiful color scheme of shades of blue, teal, yellow, and white. This garland would look perfect in the backdrop for photos ar a birthday party or an everyday decoration in a living room or bathroom. A versatile product that retails for only $10.00. Add a little bit of excitement to your home!

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4. Compartmentalized Glass Tray

A gorgeous glass piece with a copper finish on the edges that would go perfectly on a vanity to hold makeup and brushes. It would even look great on the bathroom counter to hold toothbrushes and skincare products. Or put it on your desk to hold office supplies like pens, notepads, paper clips, etc. There are so many things to do with this sleek glass tray, and each one will make you feel like you’re living a room straight out of a magazine! This product retails for $18.99.

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5. Opalhouse Mug

Another Target essential is any of the adorable Opalhouse mugs. There are tons of super cute designs and they are so cheap! Get yourself a set or get one or two as a gift for the next birthday you have coming up. Display them on your counter or desk, or simply enjoy a caffeine buzz in style! Choose your favorite shape and design for only $5.99! My favorite is the 16oz Stoneware Squeeze The Day Kira Mug! 

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6. Gold Silverware Set

Spice up your kitchen game with this super modern and sleek gold silverware set. A full 20-piece. set of gold utensils that will not chip off or wear down like most gold does. This is such a cute accent to any dinner party or even just to have as a part of your everyday dining set. Target sells this set for $34.99, which is such a steal for these beautiful stainless steel utensils!

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7. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Nothing is worse than a closet floor covered with random shoes. Pick up this super handy, space-saving, hanging shoe organizer from Target on your next trip. This product can hang on the back f a door or even on a rack in the closet just like a hanger would. It holds 30 pairs of shoes! Thirty! I don’t even have 30 pairs of shoes! This product retails for $23.49 and can even include a furniture warranty for 2 years for an extra $7.00. A definite essential for anyone who values a neat and put together closet. 

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8. Recycled Glass Soap Dispenser

These gorgeous glass soap dispensers are not only great for the environment but are SO cute and will make any countertop so much more aesthetically appealing! Pour any type of soap into these glass dispensers to conserve plastic bottles. Maybe even pick a color of soap that matches the kitchen or bathroom that you are putting them in. Transform your space into one that you’re proud to show off with these glass soap dispensers that retail for only $9.99 each! 

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9. Nordic Ware Naturals Baker’s Half Sheet

This rust-proof sheet pan is essential to any bakers collection. Another great way to preserve the environment is to buy cookie sheets that are reusable! This one is a staple in my house, as I am always baking. I have tried tons of reusable baking sheets, and all of then have rusted and forced me to throw them away. This one has stayed pretty much pristine and looks like I’m using it for the first time after dozens and dozens of uses. This product retails for only $10.99, so I would get more that one if you can! It’s that good. 

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10. Wooden Spice Rack

This product from Threshold is a beautiful and efficient way to organize your cabinets. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my cabinets, and this product has been a lifesaver. This spice rack has 3 tiers, therefore can hold a ton of spices and will clear your cabinet of clutter instantly. This product retails for a very humble price of $20.99 and will become your absolute best friend. I would pay a million for this! 

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What are some of your must-haves from Target? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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