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5 Essentials For Your Next Picnic

Who said planning the perfect picnic has to be difficult? Whether it is your first time at a picnic, or the last picnic you went to was far from perfect, there are a few things you have to pack in order to make your life so much easier. We do not believe you have to break the bank in order to host a wonderful picnic, so these essentials can be used long after your picnic is over in your home.

So, the next time you are planning a picnic make sure you include these essentials!

1. Picnic Blanket

This one is pretty obvious. A picnic is not a picnic without the perfect blanket. It has to be comfortable enough to sit on, but solid enough to balance the plates of food and drinks. You can grab an old blanket you already own and are not afraid to get stained, or you can invest in one. Either way, you want to be sure it is big enough to fit all the food and all your favorite people.

If you don’t like the idea of using a blanket, some people use rugs instead!

2. Cooler

You can invest in a woven picnic basket, but coolers are the way to go. They are super durable and unlike woven baskets, you do not have to worry about ants or flies getting into your food. If you already have a picnic basket and want something else, you can get a small cooler to store your drinks. You can also find a cooler that looks like a picnic basket. Either way, make sure you have something to store all the food you are taking with you that is heat resistant so your food stays fresher for longer!

3. Cutting Board

Do not go through all the effort of trying to balance your cups and plates on the grass. Cutting boards provide a flat surface for your food and beverages. It also lets you set out your food without worrying about your plates blowing away. Bringing a few along is also sure to minimize the amount of spilled drinks. You can find cutting boards for a relatively low price, and when they are not being used for picnic, you can use them for cooking!

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4. Mason Jars

Store your food in a cute and easy way! Mason jars are perfect for portioning out your snacks and they take up less space than packing a ton of Tupperware. You can customize them based on whoever is going or you can pack multiple of the same stuff. You can also use them to hold your drinks at the picnic. Mason jars are durable so even though they are glass you don’t have to worry about them breaking while you are transporting the food to the picnic. You can usually find mason jars in packs at your local grocery store and are typically inexpensive. Mason jars are also easy to reuse or DIY for different purposes other than storing food!

5. Sunscreen

Save yourself from a terrible sunburn! Sunscreen may not seem like a picnic essential, but you want to stay safe when the summer sun is beating down on you and your friends. Apply sunscreen before, during, and after your picnic even if you are under the shade. Sunscreen is essential any time you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. Take a bottle with you in case no one else thought to put some on. 

Is there anything we missed? What are the things you always make sure to bring to your picnics? Let us know below!

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