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12 Essentials For The Most Relaxing Self-Care Night

Whether you are busy taking finals or you have finally wrapped up this exhausting school year, you deserve a night to yourself. Take the opportunity to give yourself some self-care and rejuvenate after hitting those books! Here are 12 essentials for the most relaxing self-care night that you need ASAP! 

1. Loungewear

To get your night started, strip down to something comfy. Whether that is a matching pajama set with the finest of silk materials or that old high school t-shirt, find something you are able to relax in. 

We are loving anything from Barefoot Dreams right now. With tons of cozy options, you will find yourself wrapped in this soft material on all the other nights outside of self-care night! From blankets to robes, to cardigans, complete your self-care look with something from here!

2. No Agenda

After getting into something cozy, throw away any sort of agenda you have! The only thing that you should be focused on tonight is relaxing. Maybe you have a big presentation coming up or you have just completed another year of school.

Regardless of what your reason is for self-care, make sure that you are focusing on yourself at this time. Giving yourself things that you have to do will only add to whatever stress you are feeling, so keep it casual and relaxing tonight!

3. Bubble Bath

Wash off whatever has been dragging you down both physically and emotionally with a great bubble bath. Not much of a bath girl? A good, old-fashioned shower will do just the trick to kick off your reset. 

Bonus points for you if you are using relaxing scents or essential oils in your bath such as eucalyptus or lavender. Not only will you be smelling wonderful after your dunk, but you will be super relaxed. 

4. New Show

This can be one way to treat yourself on this self-care night! Doing something mindless like starting a new show or revisiting an old one is an excellent way to pamper yourself. Gather your favorite snacks and find your way to Netflix!

This time, maybe keep your phone on silent and actually watch the show! The entire idea seems very prehistoric as we can never watch something without scrolling through Twitter. But actually, take in the show and you might actually get into it! Our personal faves are Handmaid’s Tale, Jane the Virgin, and of course, Grey’s Anatomy. 

5. Nail Polish

If you absolutely can not sit still and need do to something with your hands, maybe pick a new color for your fingers and toes! If you are feeling extra, go ahead and go for the whole spa experience! Complete the experience with a foot soak, cuticle care, and all the nail files to have your hands and feet looking pretty! 

6. Journal

While you are putting your phone on “do not disturb,” you might as well pull out some paper and a pen. Journal and think about why exactly you are taking a self-care night? Did it take moments of burnout to remind you to take a break? Are you being self-aware and remembered to give yourself this time before burning out? 

Jot down a few things about what is going on in your life and what steps you can make. Do not stress yourself out with this essential. Instead, think of it as a time to therapeutically release anything that has been building up inside. 

7. Face Mask

After you have shown some love to your body, spend some extra time on your face. Whether you DIY a face mask or buy some sheet masks at Target, take a moment to sit with your skincare and allow it to really hit your skin. 

8. Candles

If you have been stuck in the classroom, at work, or staring at a computer screen, your eyes deserve as much of a break as you do! Turning off any overhead lights can be gentle on your eyes and can create a sense of calmness and can remind you to wind down. 

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9. Lotions

Show some love to the skin! Especially during the winter months with the dry climate and the summer months with the harsh sun rays, you need to show some extra love to your skin. Our favorites are the aromatherapy versions of lotions that will give you a little boost whether of energy or of calmness. 

10. Skin Care

Something that always makes us feel better is skincare. By skin, we mean everything including your face. Make some fun DIY body scrubs to get a sense of starting over and starting new during your self-care night. 

This can be a fun little project for yourself if you need a sense of productivity during your self-care but nothing too stressful. Another option would be serums or scrubs to love your skin just a bit more.

11. Some Vitamin C or Snacks

It might be a myth or it might be legit, but Vitamin C could be a great little perk to your physical and mental health! Next time you are at the store, grab a bag of clementines.

Create a little charcuterie board for yourself of all your faves and things that will make you feel like your best self. Whether this is healthy foods or just something comforting, it is your night!

12. Blue Light Glasses

If you are going to be in front of a screen during your self-care night, make sure you are protecting your eyes! If you already wear glasses or contacts on the regular, ask your eye doctor about adding a blue light filter to your specs! This will show some care for not only yourself but your eyes. 

Whether you need an entire night or just a few hours to yourself, do not forget how important it is to take care of yourself and your mental health! What are your favorite ways to give yourself some self-care? What are essential to this time? Tell us in the comments below!

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