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5 Essentials for The Literature Lover

Odds are, you have a loved one that is a lover of literature. Looking for a gift for their next birthday or special occasion? Here are the essentials that every literature lover should have!

1. Padded Book Sleeve

Book lovers are everywhere, from the English professor to the lawyer and every type of person in between. In this day in age, we are all moving from place to place all the time, constantly running about to get our goals and daily tasks accomplished. Many people who read literature take the books they are reading around with them in case they have a spare moment to read. That being said, books can get damaged during the commute. One way to avoid this is by getting a book sleeve. These are especially useful if you read mostly paperback books, as this protects the covers from being bent and corners being folded over. Book sleeves are usually padded for extra protection and come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors. Etsy is a great website to purchase book sleeves and the Etsy shop Lukiedukie makes the one pictured below, which is one that has been on my wishlist for some time now. This “Reading is Sexy” book sleeve is inspired by Gilmore Girls, is neutral in color, and even has a pen loop on the side for those readers who enjoy annotating their beloved books. The medium size with pen loop retails at only $16.95 and has wonderful reviews!

2. Bamboo Book Stand

Amazon is a great place to get bookish goodies such as this book stand. Made of bamboo, this book stand comes complete with metal clips and an adjustable stand with four settings. This is the perfect essential for any literature student especially, as reading and taking notes are most of the work done in those types of classes. I wish I had one of these beautiful book stands when I was in college, it would have made my homework and study sessions move along much quicker! This is a larger one, so maybe better to leave in your apartment or home. If you are studying in the library I recommend getting one a bit smaller than this unless you do not mind carrying this one around. The bamboo material that this bookstand is made out of ensures that this product will last several years and not be an eyesore if you leave it out on your desk until the next study session. If you read e-books, you can also use this book stand to prop up your Kindle or Ipad! This is a very versatile product and only costs $13.59, plus it is eligible for Prime shipping so if you need this in a hurry you are in luck.

3. Bookish Tote Bag

A great companion, or alternative depending on how often you bring books out and about, is a book-themed tote bag. Etsy has excellently designed and executed ones and there are literally so many options to choose from! For all the literature lovers who spend quite a bit of time in the library with their head in a book, this canvas tote bag from the Etsy shop RatherKeen is the perfect option. This canvas tote is highly rated, with a 5-star customer rating! The tote is made from recycled cotton and the vibrant black and coral design is screen-printed on both sides of the bag. This mid-century modern design and eco-friendly production are two very convincing reasons to purchase this bag. In case you need an extra little push, this gorgeous, bookish canvas tote is selling for only $22.00, which is such a steal for such a quality item! The RatherKeen Etsy shop also has other designs available for bookish totes, so if the library is not quite your jam, there are still options for you!

4. Cute Bookmarks

Now, this next one is both incredibly useful and super cute. Everyone who reads often needs a bookmark to hold their place, it is as simple as that. While a scrap of paper, a sticky note, even a receipt can be used as a bookmark, having a nicely made and aesthetically pleasing bookmark is just so much more fun. It makes the experience feel a little less like a chore, especially if you are a literature student, trust me on that one. Etsy, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local bookshop are all wonderful places to purchase bookmarks, but my personal favorite is Etsy. There are thousands of options to choose from and a lot of them allow you to personalize your bookmark! The bookmark below is from the Etsy shop ChezCLM, and these bookmarks come in a pack of two for only $4.14 for a beautiful design on both sides of the bookmark. This design is so girly and lovely, but if that is not your thing, there are so many other options to choose from, but this one has definitely been added to my wishlist!

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5. Cozy Reading Socks

A staple for studying or just reading for the joy of it, are a comfortable, cozy pair of reading socks. The highest quality ones that I have come across are sold at Barnes and Noble and they are so fuzzy and warm! There are so many patterns to choose from, as well as materials such as wool, cable-knit, or polyester. One of my favorite design options they have on their website is this pair of grey and cream-colored reading socks that feature a positively perfect penguin pattern. These socks are lined with polyester, so they are super soft on the inside and are great for lounging around the house and diving into your next book. These retail for about $19.00, and depending on availability can either be shipped right to your front door or picked up at your local Barnes and Noble bookstore! 

Any fan of studying literature or reading, in general, is sure to love these items! What are your bookish essentials? Let us know in the comments!
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