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10 Essentials For Surviving Game Day At A Big 12 School

10 Essentials For Surviving Game Day At A Big 12 School

Gameday in the South is a one-of-a-kind experience complete with great food, great drinks, and an unforgettable time. If your school is in the Big 12 Conference, chances are that you are stuck in the heat for most of game day. These are 10 game day essentials that you will need for surviving the day at your Big 12 school!

1. Clear Bag

Double-check your school’s athletic website and stadium guidelines for this one, but most likely, you will need a clear bag or purse if you plan on carrying anything around with you. This is a game day essential because you need something big enough to carry all of your junk, but also within regulation for your school.

Check out Etsy, or the cult classic, Jon Hart for some options in your school colors. Accessorize your new bag with pom-poms or tassels to really get in the school spirit!


2. Setting Spray

Something you will find out is that just because it is Fall in the South does not mean that the temperatures will drop and you can pull out your sweaters! The afternoons at the stadiums will bring high temps and lots of sweat. This is not only a hack but one of many game day essentials for your day! 

Keep your makeup in place with a nice setting spray to throw in your new clear bag. Double bonus for you if the setting spray is in a travel size to make more room in your purse! Touch up your face with a little compact powder to make sure you look great for your game day Instagram pic! Your local Sephora or Ulta should be able to hook you up and keep everything in place for the day.


3. A Cute Outfit

This might be obvious, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for your school colors the next time you are online shopping! Stock up on basics that can be paired in different outfits and you can get the most out of it. Be adventurous with your choices as everyone puts on their best for such an occasion.

The secret to a great game day look is to show which school you are rooting for without actually showing which school you are rooting for! To break it down, avoid logos and symbols from your school, but always include the basic colors of your school in your fit!


4. Some Good Shoes

Behind the scenes of all the cute Instagram pictures and Snapchat selfies are lots of walking. Parking is not the greatest at college stadiums and you might have a long journey of walking to the game depending on where you leave your car. 

Some game day essentials for the upcoming season would definitely be a good pair of shoes that still go with your outfit but are not going to kill your feet. If you and your pals go anywhere else after the game, keep that in mind as you will not be able to change until afterward!


5. Just A Little Knowledge

For the most part, you don’t need to know much about the game you are cheering for. You can get into the game, take your pictures, and go on to the next fun thing. But you might be with a particular group of friends that is really into the game and you don’t want to look dumb!

Touch up on the vocab and don’t be afraid to ask questions! This will make the overall experience more enjoyable and you might actually learn to love the game. 


6. Buttons

A big trend right now is big buttons that you can pin on your shirt, your pants, or even your bag! Personally, I am not a sorority, but a lot of my friends who are in sororities on campus have some that support our school but with their sorority letters. 

If you are not in a sorority or student organization, look around online for purchase, or get creative. Support small businesses on Etsy or take a trip to your local craft store for supplies!


7. Big Jerseys and Cheer Skirts

Another trend in the Big 12 and at college football games are big football jerseys and cheer skirts! These jerseys can be worn as little t-shirt dresses and paired with cowboy boots or sneakers for a cute game day look! 

Cheer skirts can be paired with a cropped shirt with your school’s colors or even a cut-up school t-shirt. These are fun ways to change up your game day look and are essential to creating a look full of school spirit!

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8. A Full Phone Battery

Even if you are at the game for just a little bit, it will drain your phone battery! At my school, cell phone service is spotty at the stadium so your phone battery goes down when you are trying to post on Instagram or catch up with your Snapchat story.


Make sure everything is charged up for the game and the festivities to follow. A little battery pack or even a plug-in that you stash in your purse are definite game day essentials!

9. Ponytail Holders

As mentioned before, Fall in the South is not really Fall as it is still hot and humid! To survive the weather for the long hours of the football game, wait to bring out your heavy jackets and beanies. 


For sure bring something to tie your hair up with once the sun starts to beat down on you. It takes experience to realize just how bad it can be while sitting in the heat for so long! Anything that is going to help you stay cool, calm, and collected is going to be game day essentials and need to find your way into your game day purse!

10. Your School Spirit

Make sure you pack your school spirit in your new clear bag as this is the most important thing of all the game day essentials. These are the good ‘ole days! You’re going to miss sitting in the student section and tailgating before each game with your fellow classmates, so take it all in.


Having school spirit might have seemed lame or uncool in high school, but in college, embrace it! Show pride in your school and where you learn. 

Remember to have fun while supporting your school! What do you love most about game day? Do you have any essentials for surviving game day? Tell us all about it in the comments down below!

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