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12 Essentials For Planning An Epic Bachelorette Party

12 Essentials For Planning An Epic Bachelorette Party

It is almost time to walk your girl down the aisle and get her married! One of your jobs as a bridesmaid or MOH is to plan a bachelorette party that both you and your bestie will never forget. Here are 12 essentials that you will need for planning an epic bachelorette party to celebrate the bride!

1. Invitations

Word of mouth, emails, and group chats work just fine for this. If you are feeling old-school, get out your stamps and envelopes to send out something fun for the upcoming bachelorette bash. You can design your own online or purchase a template from Etsy!

Your invitation will help the other bridesmaids and the bride know what the theme of the party is and if this party is a weekend-long event. Also, with RSVP details, you can keep track of who is coming and who is not! 


2. A Good Group Text

The maid of honor will typically take initiative with the bachelorette party planning and you can just follow her lead. Gather all of the bridal party in a nice group chat to plan out all of your great ideas for the bride!

Try and save the drama for your mama as this is about your friend who is getting married. Keep the group text peaceful and happy. Having good planning will ensure that everything runs smoothly and to have the most fun possible!


3. Matching T-Shirts

Duh. This one might go without saying but wherever you and your crew venture out for the weekend, everyone needs to know that this is your friend’s last bash before she says ‘I Do’. There are numerous options all over the internet, but we would steer you towards any local business in your town that designs T-Shirts or Etsy! 

Think white for the bride and one matching color for the rest of the bridal party. This Etsy shop has a cute option for your bachelorette party that will for sure pop on all of the Instagrams you decide to post. Check it out here


4. Balloons and Picture Backdrop

You are going to want to remember this time in all of the fun you are having with your friends and celebrating the love between the bride and her boo! Make a backdrop that goes with the theme of your bachelorette party along with any props that you want. 

Balloons are always a good idea and can add some dimension to any flat background. Pick something witty, fun, and easily hashtag-worthy! Extra brownie points for polaroid pics with your cute backdrop too!


5. Theme Snacks

You have been partying hard in your celebration for the bride, but you don’t want anyone to get angry! Check out your local bakery for fun cookies with your theme and the bride’s name for a yummy treat to keep the party going! Finger foods will fuel your friends such as chips and salsa, a charcuterie board, or even chicken nuggets if that is your jam!

There are millions of ideas on Pinterest for some snacks to go with the bachelorette party theme and the upcoming wedding. Plan for an extra fun outing after your adventures with a trip to IHOP for some late-night eats or a special delivery of the bride’s fave fast food joint.  


6. Gift For The Bride

Before the festivities begin, get with the other bridesmaids to plan out a group gift for the new Mrs. This can range from something on her registry to something new for her honeymoon! Some other ideas might be something with her new last name or monogram or something for her to wear during the bachelorette weekend!

The bride will enjoy a thoughtful gift from the girls who are closest to her. Either way, the bride will be thrilled to have the company of her friends around her, so top it off with a gift full of love and well wishes! 


7. Props and Accessories

When shopping for the upcoming bachelorette party, keep your eyes open for any sort of cheesy wedding-themed headgear, costumes, and accessories for the bride and her bridesmaids to wear. This will be great for any sort of pictures that are taken and of course when you are out on the town.

Don’t forget a sash for the bride-to-be and a nice veil to top it all off. There are fun accessories too for the bridesmaids to let everyone know that you are the supportive girl gang of the bride and you are here to party!


8. Party Playlist

Whether your party is staying in or going out, you will need some tunes to play during the party. Anything that is going to make it even more fun and help the vibe of your party should make it onto your playlist.

Spotify has a great option for collaboration, so invite the other bridesmaids and the brides to add their favorites and anything they want to hear! 


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9. Games

You and the other bridesmaids might be coming together because the bride is a friend, but you have no idea who each other are! Break this tension with games, icebreakers, and other things to get to know each other. This is a great opportunity to gain some new friends!


You already have one thing in common with the other girls too; you all love the bride! Plan a fun scavenger hunt or a guessing game to keep your spirits high and the fun going!

10. Favors

You’re going to want to remember this night or this weekend forever! Get with the bride in advance to see what she wants to do for her guests. Whether it is t-shirts, cups, goody bags, or other personalized items for the party-goers. 


Avoid cheesy items with ‘bridesmaid’ printed across. This will ensure that everyone can still use their gifts even after all of the wedding festivities are over!

11. Itinerary

To keep everyone on the same page, plan out the event so that everyone is on the same page for the entirety of the party. Send this out to all of the ‘maids to also keep any potential fighting or bickering out of the party and to keep the focus on the bride!


With the craziness of wedding planning, the bride will be sure to appreciate the extra thought! Call ahead and make any special reservations that need to be made for this exciting time!

12. Decorations

Apart from the photo area, find fun decorations that celebrate love and getting married! You know your girl best so you can pick appropriately for what you want the general vibe to be. Etsy and Amazon have great packages to help make your vision a reality. 


Depending on how extra you want to be, you can keep these super minimal and this can help with the clean-up process later! If you are staying in a hotel, be careful with glitter and confetti as this can result in cleaning fees or hours of clean-up on your part. 

Remember to just have a great time and enjoy celebrating your girl! What tips do you have for bachelorette party planning? Share them with us in the comments below!

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