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5 Essentials For Online College Students And Remote Learning

5 Essentials For Online College Students And Remote Learning

2020 has been a year of adapting for students with remote learning being the avenue most are having to take this school year. Remote learning has its challenges, but these essential items can help it go smoother and create a more productive learning environment. 

1. Elevated Laptop Stand

With remote learning obviously comes a large amount of screen time, usually on a laptop for the majority of students. Looking down at a laptop for a prolonged period of time can cause strain on the neck and back, as well as lead to more headaches. To combat that, I would suggest purchasing an elevated laptop stand. These products are great to keep on your desk because it lifts the laptop off of the tabletop and closer to your eye level. Thus, creating less back and neck strain and making it easier for you to see what you are doing. This particular laptop stand is available for purchase on Amazon for $29.99 from the trusted brand Lenovo. It is compatible with laptops of many sizes, from ten to fifteen inches, is super stable due to its aluminum alloy material, plus lifting the laptop off of the desk creates more space for you to work below it. This stand also aids in cooling your laptop due to the tilt of the design and the aluminum alloy that acts as thermal pads. 

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2. Wireless Keyboard 

A great companion to go along with the elevated laptop stand is a wireless keyboard. As mentioned previously, the laptop stand’s elevation creates more desk space for you to work at, which would open up room for you to have a wireless keyboard such as this stunning light up one from Amazon. While the laptop stand helps to reduce the strain on your neck and back, using the laptop keyboard while it is elevated could be an arm workout that you are not here for. Thus, using a wireless one on the desk is the perfect solution to that problem! This one is super affordable, retailing at just $29.99, and the fact that it is backlit with rainbow LED lights is such a cool addition to the keyboard. I have seen people use these at night especially writing essays and research papers, and wireless keyboards like this look so cool and provide a cool lighting option in conjunction with the light from your computer screen. The keypads are removable for easy cleaning and are even water resistant! 

Check out this wireless keyboard:


3. Clip-On Ring Light

Now, this item is a bit more extra than your usual remote learning essentials, however in today’s hi-tech learning environment with Zoom meetings, this may become your best friend. I actually have this exact clip-on ring light and I absolutely love it for video calls, plus it makes taking selfies way easier! Getting good lighting while on Zoom can be so difficult and distracting, so take away that stressor by treating yourself to this little ring light. It retails for only $12.95 from the brand Meifigno on Amazon. This ring light is rechargeable, has three different lighting settings, and has a silicone lining so it will not damage or scratch your device. Plus, it is pocket-sized so it will not take up valuable desk space and there is a money-back guarantee, so if you do not like it for any reason you can get a full refund! 

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4. Balance Ball Chair

This next item is great for those of you who have a harder time sitting still for long periods of time, which can make remote learning very difficult. Balance ball chairs have been around for quite some time now, and have even burst onto the mainstream office scene, but have you ever thought of using one of these chairs in your home or dorm room? I know it may sound silly, but these chairs can help to alleviate some of that restlessness you may feel sitting at your desk for the majority of the day. Upon inflating the balance ball chair, the four attached legs will keep it from rolling away. As soon as you sit on the chair, the legs will lift off of the ground, allowing you to work your core, and roll side to side on the ball. Plus, something fun about this specific balance ball chair is that if you need a break from work, you can flip it over and use the four legs as handles to create a Hopper Ball for adults! This chair is just so unique and fun and is sure to help you to stay more alert during a day of remote learning. 

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5. Wireless Headphones

Lastly, we have another item that I personally have and love to use, these Gabba Goods True Pro wireless headphones. Whether you are listening to a recorded lecture, are on a Zoom call with your class, or are just listening to music as you work on assignments, wireless headphones are essential to keeping you handsfree and honed in on the task at hand. These types of headphones can get quite pricey if you look at Apple Airpods or Beats by Dre, however these Gabba Goods wireless headphones retail for just $26.00 on Amazon! That is such a steal for a pair of headphones of this quality and comfort level. The sound is so clear and the bass is nicely balanced. The design of these headphones is so sleek and clean, plus the headphones themselves are so lightweight it feels almost as if you are not even wearing headphones. I have had trouble with pairing wireless items in the past, but these headphones are honestly so easy and quick to pair to your device. Per one charge, you can listen to up to eight hours of music and the case acts as a charging station as well so you can charge on the go! 


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These are essentials that I have found helpful to me as well as people I know be productive and comfortable when working and learning remotely. What are your remote learning essentials? Let us know in the comments!
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