10 Essentials For College You Might Not Think About

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, college is always unpredictable. While you might have checked off all of the essentials on the dorm checklist given to you from your school, they don’t necessarily include things that might make your life in college ten times easier. However prepared for college you think you are, life can spring up on you fast, and you might find yourself needing something you had never thought of. This list of college essentials are things you might not even realize you need!

1. Extra-Long Phone Charging Cable

Your college dorm room or apartment is not built exactly how you need it. Meaning, you might be lucky and have an electrical outlet right where you need it, or it could be on the opposite side of the room. Luckily, an extra-long phone charging cable can help solve this problem! No more worrying about having your phone die on you while watching Netflix in bed! You can find these extra-long charging cables at practically any length, so you’re sure to find one that gives you exactly what you need!

2. Phone Wallet

Our next item on our college essentials list is vital if you’re someone who’s prone to losing things. Phone wallets are great for holding really any small object you need on you at all times, like your room key or student ID. As long as you always keep track of your phone, this gadget will make your life a lot easier when it comes to scanning into your dorm building, having quick access to your meal card, or anything else you might need. So, instead of getting locked out of your room for the tenth time because you forgot your keys, grab a phone wallet that’ll keep your essentials all in one place!


10 Essentials For College You Might Not Think About

3. Bedside Pocket Organizer

This next item is something you probably won’t even realize you need until your first night in your new room, which is why I want to tell you about it now! A bedside pocket organizer or bedside shelf is essential when it comes to the function of your room and essentially replaces a nightstand. Often times, dorm beds are super tall, making it difficult for you to have a nightstand or other piece of furniture to put all of your nighttime essentials in. A bedside pocket organizer is great for holding things like glasses, a water bottle, tissues, or anything you might need. You can also use it to hold your phone during the night, which really comes in handy!

4. First Aid Kit

Maybe I’m just less prepared for life than others, but I always seem to forget the fact that in college, you might not always be feeling 100% and you might need some medicine or other first aid supplies. It’s practically impossible to not get some sort of ailment in college, whether it be a cold, a headache from all that studying, or an upset stomach. On my first few days of college, I thought that rocking my brand new pair of shoes was a great idea until my feet were covered in painful blisters. I didn’t even think to stock up on something like bandaids or gauze, but I definitely know better now!


10 Essentials For College You Might Not Think About

5. Air Freshener

Next on our list of college essentials might not be high on your list of things to buy for college, but you might change your mind when your dorm room or apartment starts to smell a little musty. Maybe you live in an old building or maybe your roommate isn’t the cleanest, but either way, a nice air freshener can change your life. This is especially needed in those warm summer or spring months when your building might not have air conditioner, or when you just need a little aromatherapy!

6. Bug Spray

Living at home is great in a lot of ways, but especially when a spider crawls out of the corner and you need your dad to kill it because you’re too scared to. But, when you’re at college, you’re going to have to kill those bugs on your own! No matter how clean your building is or how tightly you think you’ve closed the window, bugs will somehow find a way to crawl into your room. This is where a can of bug-killing spray will come in handy. You won’t have to get too close to the bug if you’re terrified like me, and you can knock those bugs out with ease!


7. A Keurig

Coffee is essential in any college student’s life, but those coffee shop expenses can add up! So, why not make your own coffee? Having a Keurig is a great purchase, even if coffee isn’t your thing. You can also just use this machine as a hot water dispenser, perfect for tea, ramen, or any other food that needs hot water. You’ll save money in the long run and having your very own coffeemaker in your room will be much more convenient for early mornings or late-night study sessions.

10 Essentials For College You Might Not Think About

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8. Umbrella

This next item on our college essentials list might be an obvious one to some, but it can be very easy to forget. And when you forget it, it’s not fun. Having an umbrella on hand at all times is essential, especially if you go to school in an environment where the weather can be unpredictable. You can find a small, easy to carry umbrella for pretty cheap, and it’ll fit nicely in a side pocket of your backpack. It could be sunny when you go inside for class, but when you come out and it’s suddenly pouring, it’ll be super nice to not get drenched. Plus, if you have a long walk to your next destination, you’ll definitely be thankful for an umbrella.

9. Shower Shoes

If you forget these next college essentials, you’ll be missing them right away. Shower shoes are an absolute must when it comes to dorm living, considering you’re probably sharing a shower with the rest of the people on your floor. And you can never trust a bathroom floor, especially with your bare feet. Even if you’re lucky enough to share a bathroom with only a few people, I would still recommend wearing something on your feet in the shower. You never know who used the shower before you moved in and how clean it is, so I would just play it safe. Just grab a pair of cheap flip flops and you’ll be good to go!

10. Step Stool

Our final must-have item on our list of college essentials is a step stool. Step stools have lots of purposes when it comes to everyday life, but in regards to your dorm room, it might just be essential. And I’m not talking about using a step stool for accessing hard to reach places in your closet or using it to hang up some photos. I’m talking about using a step stool to climb onto your bed! College dorm beds are notorious for being super tall in order to provide extra storage underneath, which can make it difficult to climb on and off your bed. So, if you’re on the shorter side, or you just don’t want to expend the extra energy climbing up your bed, I highly suggest investing in a step stool!


10 Essentials For College You Might Not Think About

Will you be getting any of these lesser-known college essentials for the upcoming year? Let us know in the comments what other essentials you find super helpful!

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