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Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Summertime is coming up and you know what that means…we need to get that sexy summer bod ready! It can feel like you’re on a time crunch with summer being so close but have no fear! Here are some of the best essential workout moves that will help you slim down fast!

10-15 Min Cardio

You should always start off a workout with at least 10-15 minutes of some sort of cardio! This will help get the metabolism going which will help burn fat and get your energy up! It is also a great warm up for those muscles. Some great ways to get cardio in is by running a treadmill or elliptical!

Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Weighted Squats

Squats are a fantastic workout move to shape that booty and legs! Body weight squats are also great but if you do those make sure you do more reps! Weighted squats help tone and slim down the lower body pretty quickly and the more weight you put on, the less reps you will need to do! Usually try to do around three sets of 10-15!

Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Pistol Squats

These are basically single leg squats/lunges and they are a killer workout move for slimming! All you need to do is put one leg behind you on a stool, chair, or bench as you lower the leg in front into a squat. The more the better, but try to do at least three sets of about 20-30 on each leg to get the full effect!


Lunges just like squats are fantastic workout moves for slimming the legs, butt, and thighs. You can do body weight lunges or weighted ones, whatever is more comfortable for you! These will get those back hamstrings burning like crazy! Try to do around three sets of about 15-20 each leg.

Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Angled Sit Ups

Sit ups are a great workout move for the abs and honestly you don’t need anything else! You can either do them flat on the floor or use an angled bench so that it takes more core power to lift yourself up! Do about three sets of 30!

Assisted Pull Ups and Tricep Dips

All you need for arms really is pull ups and tricep dips! Those are pretty much the essential workout moves to tone those guns! Obviously it may be harder for us ladies, so use an assisted pull up machine if you need it! Try to do 10-15 of those on each arm three times!

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Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Jump Squats

Jump squats are pretty much just regular squats but with a twist of cardio to boost the burn! Jump squats are a bomb workout move to do in between exercises to keep up the heart rate up and full fat burning effect! These will do wonders for your legs and help you burn fat a lot quicker! Do about 20 three times!

Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Bridges (Double and Single Leg)

Wanna boost that booty? Bridges are the workout move for you! All you do is lay flat on the floor and thrust your hips off of the floor. It is much harder and more of a burn if you use a weighted bar on your hips! To Target the hamstrings and thighs more, try to do them one leg raised up! Your booty will look oh so good afterwards!

Essential Workout Moves To Slim Quickly

Pilates Moves

Finish up a workout with some Pilates moves! You can do side leg raises, donkey kicks, back leg kicks and more! These are great for toning and slimming even though they look like not much effort. Trust me, you will feel the burn tomorrow!

With summer coming up and crunch time hitting, you will definitely slim down fast with these key workout moves! What other workouts do you recommend for getting into shape fast?
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