10 Essential Winter Accessories Any Fashionista Needs

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, every fashionista needs essential winter accessories in their wardrobe to make it through the coldest, yet most beautiful, time of the year! Winter accessories make great holiday gifts as well. To stay warm while still looking cute all winter long, these 10 essential winter accessories will do the trick.

1. A Warm Winter Vest

Vests are a perfect statement piece to a winter outfit. Unlike a coat, you can wear vests inside and outside. The ability to be worn inside and out is perfect if you want to stay warm, but not throw on a coat, then have to go through the hassle of taking it off when you get inside. There are so many options for vests: fleece, puffer, fur and more. For a cute winter look, pair a vest with the next winter essential; a blanket scarf.

This fur vest is so cute for a winter outfit!  

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2. A Cute Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarfs are perfect for the winter. They not only keep you warm but plaid patterns are very festive. Sometimes blanket scarves can be overwhelming since they are so big but to wear them, fold them in half into a triangle shape, then put the top of the triangle in front of your chest and wrap the two long sides around the back of your neck.

This blanket scarf is so cute for a winter outfit!  This blanket scarf is so cute for a winter outfit!

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3. Lots Of Cozy Socks

The absolute worse part of your body to be cold is your feet; that’s why you need cozy socks for the winter. Cozy socks also look extremely cute sticking out of boots. They are also a perfect stocking stuffer!

These cozy socks look so warm!  These cozy socks look so warm!

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4. Pom Pom Hats To Keep Warm

When going outside into the freezing cold weather, a hat is a must-have. Plain beanies can be boring so add a cute pom pom to the top of it. A furry pom pom can also be festive. Match your hat to your knit socks for an adorable look!

This pom pom hat is so cute for a winter outfit!  These pom pom hats are so cute for a winter outfit!

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5. A Trendy Pair Of Gloves

Gloves are an essential for getting through the winter, but why wear simple knit gloves when there are so many cute options out there? Leather gloves dress up a look and make it more refined and sleek. Plaid gloves add a cute festive touch to your outfit. Things such as touch screen capability in gloves can also be a plus. Or, look for cute accents such as bows or fur for a fun way to make a simple accessory cute.

These plaid winter gloves are so cute!  I love these black leather gloves for the winter!

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6. A Tote Bag To Carry Those Winter Essentials

Not cold now, but worried you might be later? Large tote purses are perfect to throw a pair of gloves and a hat in. There’s plenty of room for your wallet and all your receipts from Christmas shopping. Be festive this holiday season with a red or green purse, make a statement with a plaid purse, or keep things simple with a neutral purse that can be used all year, despite the season.

This large tote bag is so cute for a winter outfit!  This large red tote bag is so cute for a winter outfit!

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7. A Duster Cardigan

For hanging around the house or going out, a duster cardigan is the perfect thing to throw over your outfit to keep you warm. Chunky knit ones are extremely cozy and cute. Add a pair of cozy socks and you’ll be ready to curl up by the fire and watch Christmas movies.

I love this duster outfit  I love this duster outfit!

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8. A Good Pair Of Winter/Waterproof Boots

For snowy wet winter days, a pair of winter or waterproof boots are a necessity. There are so many options out there, however, duck boots and rain boots are my favorites. Suede and leather boots are very cute (also a winter necessity) but they aren’t practical for the winter weather. Worrying about your boots possibly getting wet after dropping a decent amount of money on them is no fun, that’s why winter/waterproof boots are an essential for your winter wardrobe. These boots look extremely cute with a pair of cozy socks sticking out of the top!

These winter furry duck boots are so cute!  These winter duck boots are so cute!

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9. Cute Patterned Tights

Wanting to wear a cute skirt this winter but worried your legs will be too cold? Quick trick, add tights! Tights not only can keep your legs warm, but they can also dress up an outfit. Wanting something even warmer? Try knit tights.

This outfit is so cute for the winter with these tights!  This outfit is so cute for the winter with these tights!

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10. Statement Jewelry

What’s more festive than sparkle? If you want to add some sparkle, keep it simple. If not done right, sequins and glitter can make your outfit look more youthful than sophisticated. Another more put together option is adding some sparkle through jewelry. Add a sparkly necklace as a statement piece to your outfit and it will refine and dress up your look. Other options are earrings or bracelets. However, when choosing a statement jewelry piece, choose one statement piece and keep the rest of your jewelry simple.

The statement necklace on this outfit is so pretty!  This statement necklace from J. Crew is so pretty!

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These are the best winter accessories any fashionista needs!
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