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Essential Travel Tips For A Long Flight

Essential Travel Tips For A Long Flight

Short flights can be hard and stepping onto a long flight is like pulling an all-nighter without a bed to stretch out on for a quick power nap.  Whether the seats are too cramped, your screen is broken, or you just can’t sleep, this list of helpful tips has got you covered so you can relax during that upcoming 13-hour flight. Even the most experienced of flyers will prepare themselves as best they can for the long haul.

1. Travel Neck Pillow

Sitting in a small seat for 10 hours can make you start to feel cramped and sleeping in one isn’t comfortable either. A neck pillow is a perfect item to bring with you for any flight. Stuffed with memory foam or similar material, travel neck pillows provide some support and comfort for you so that you can rest without worrying about cramping.

If you forgot to bring one with you most airports have them available for sale at travel stores located around the terminal, but keep in mind these are usually pricier than normal, so it’s best to make a list of what you need so that you don’t forget.

2. Bring Your Own Snack and Drinks

Most airlines have set intervals for snack and meal services, and if you find that you’ve slept through it, chances are you’ll have to wait until the next one. For this reason, it’s always smart to bring some snacks and drinks of your own. You’re probably thinking about that time TSA made you pour out your water or leave your liquids behind. Don’t worry, you can easily purchase more refreshments at the many shops and food vendors after you get through TSA inspection.

While alcohol may be restricted during some flights, you are free to open the bag of chips, your favorite beverage, or the take-out meal you bought from the airport food court. Just remember to be aware of the other passengers around you and try not to make a mess.

Essential Travel Tips For A Long Flight

3. Dress Comfortably

It is important to be as comfortable as you possibly can during your flight, and an easy place to start is by choosing what you are going to wear for the next 13-hours or more. Dressing comfortably doesn’t mean pulling on a t-shirt and jeans, it is an important step that needs thoughtful attention. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric to wear so selecting your favorite cotton t-shirt is a good idea, but make sure to bring a pullover or cardigan along as these flights can get chilly fast. Layering is essential in flights and for your travels as Mother Nature is in control, but you will be prepared.

Other key tips include your footwear and types of pants. Avoid tight skinny jeans or constricting pants, instead go for more comfortable legwear such as sweatpants, stretchable sports leggings or loose-fitting cargo or travel slacks. As for shoes, a pair of sneakers or a good pair of shoes are the perfect travel shoe. While heels are cute you don’t want to confine your feet to them for a long period of time. It is best to pack them away in your suitcase and wait until you get to your final destination to wear with that outfit you brought.

Essential Travel Tips For A Long Flight

4. Bring Your Own Entertainment and Headset

Airline equipment gets a lot of use and isn’t perfect. Sometimes the in-flight entertainment system malfunctions. There may be a time where the monitor in front of you doesn’t work properly and it can’t fix it. How will you occupy your time without movies to watch over the next 14 hours? Maybe you have seen most of the selections and can’t find anything that interests you. Jumanji? Seen it 20 times. Avengers? On this screen size? Don’t make me laugh.

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Bringing your own entertainment whether it’s your laptop, a book, or maybe even your portable game console is essential. It is going to be a long flight, and the last thing you want is to be spending 9 of those 13 hours agonizing in boredom. Packing your own set of headphones or earbuds is highly recommended as they provide a higher quality experience than the earbuds provided by the airlines.

Essential Travel Tips For A Long Flight

5. Bring A Travel Kit

You always want to be prepared. You never know what might happen on the flight. You may accidentally spill a drink on yourself, a button rips off your shirt, or maybe you get a headache and start feeling nauseous. Travel kits are some of the most helpful items you can find and should have. They contain items such as stain remover, miniature sewing kits, toothbrushes with a small tube a toothpaste, and even Tylenol for that sudden headache.  There is a variety of travel kits for almost any emergency. You can create your own personalized kit with items tailored to your specific needs.

Which tip will you follow on your next long flight? Leave a comment down below!

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