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11 Essential Tips For Midterms Week

11 Essential Tips For Midterms Week

Here are 11 tips for surviving midterms week. These tips for midterms week will have you flying high and acing all your tests. No more stress over midterms.

We have all been that person during exam week either struggling for air or crying from lack of sleep, ready to drop out. No one every told you that college/university was going to be a slice of cake. You will be exhausted, cranky, and slightly depressed during these years of your life, but there is no need to drop out. Below are 11 tips for midterms week. Here is how I manage to slightly conquer midterm week:

1. Attend classes more than once a week.

It is important to attend classes regularly in order to get notes that could possibly help you do better once exams roll around the corner. If you just happen to not make it to class, make some friends so that you can get notes from them.


2. Don’t procrastinate.

3. Rewrite your notes.

During class, you may be the student writing at the speed of light and realize, when you try to study your notes, they are slightly difficult to read. You’ll have an easier time studying with clean ad intricate-looking notes, such as bright colors and bolded letters.

4. Study in YOUR environment.

Some people can study in quiet environments, like the library, and others can study in D’Angelo Center (St. John’s student center). I usually go into a classroom with a classmate or friend and play music on the speakers from the projector. Having at least a few people to study/be in the same room with me motivates me to complete a paper or study hard because I notice them being productive. Your environment is where you are able to finish assignments or study without being distracted completely.


5. Take a study break.

For study breaks, I usually go to the gym. The gym helps me completely clear my mind and get my blood flowing, since I usually sit for hours studying/writing papers. Take at least an hour or two to step out of that focused, study mode to relax in order to decrease your stress levels.

6. Organize your week.

With the amount of information you’re trying to memorize for a midterm, you might forget the dates of multiple exams. Before you go into crazy study mode, draw up a week for your midterms; write important points you would want to remember for each class and (obviously) write down when your exams are. These will help you organize any other tips for midterms week you might have.


7. Have a routine.

On the week of midterms, its very easy to get lost in the week. The week before, start to do things routinely. This will allow you to manage your time better, rather than struggling to find time in the day to study or breathe.


I’ve noticed that when you study before you sleep, you tend to remember majority of the information that you have looked over from the night before.


9. Lengthen your papers with these words:

Papers are stressful, I get it. Every professor has guidelines for the papers for their class. Next time you write a paper for class, consider lengthening your words and making your lives easier.

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I think we’re all hard on ourselves sometimes. Take a step back and breathe. And if that does not help, here are some things to consider: Study Motivation!!!


11. Take care of yourself.

Eat regularly. Sleep for at least 6-8 hours. Shower daily. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of yourself. When a person is stressed, they forget about managing their health. Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself. Your exam is not going to do itself, so you need to take care of yourself!

Let us know what you think about these tips for midterms week in the comments below!
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