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Essential Tips For Getting Through The Airport

Essential Tips For Getting Through The Airport

Traveling can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to get through a busy airport with thousands of other people. From checking in to security and all the way to finding your gate, the airport can be a challenge to navigate for many. Whether you are leaving on your first trip or a veteran traveler, use these handy tips to help you get through the airport stress and hassle-free.

1. Have important documents readily accessible

Your passport and tickets are two of the most important items when you go traveling. They are your identification and pass for boarding, so it’s important that you always have them ready and accessible. Do not pack them away at the bottom of your bag or else you will find yourself having to search for them with annoyed stares from travelers waiting in line after you. Don’t want to add more stress.

If you are using a purse, keep them in an inner pouch or at the top, or if you don’t have an accessible spot then simply hold them. Make sure to keep a close eye on your documents though, and always keep a copy in case something goes wrong.

Essential Tips For Getting Through The Airport

2. Pack tech items within reach

As you go through TSA you will asked to remove all electronic devices from your bags for scanning, this includes laptops, tablets, and even portable game consoles. TSA lines can be long and crowded, and the last thing you want to feel is additional pressure as you are removing everything while there’s a line behind you.

If you have tech in your carryon, then pack them near the top or in easily accessible places. This way when you are in line, all you have to do is unzip and pull them out without digging through or taking up too much time. It makes it easier for the TSA agents as well. 

Essential Tips For Getting Through The Airport

3. Wear Slip-on shoes

Another small thing is shoes. Comfortable slip on shoes are a great choice in airports for a number of reasons. They are easy to remove in TSA lines unlike boots or lace-up dress shoes, so when traveling you can easily slide them off to stretch your feet or switch over to sandals.

Comfortable and easy to remove footwear makes traveling much easier in small ways and manages to save you from unnecessary hassle.

Essential Tips For Getting Through The Airport

4. Weigh Your Bags

Airlines usually have a weight limit on bags, and if a customer’s check-in goes over then they either must find a way to repack or pay extra. Some flights can charge over $100 to check-in an overweight bag and there are times that they may not allow it at all.

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In order to prevent this, consider buying a luggage scale for home, you can buy one for as little as $7. There are also suitcases that come with a built-in weight checking mechanism so there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re not going over before checking in.

5. Consider signing up for TSA-pre or Global Entry

TSA pre-check and global entry are paid services that speed up your travel by expediting you through a separate line entirely. Pre-check works differently in some locations but come with perks such as not having to remove your electronics or shoes as you go through security.

Global entry on the other hand, not only speeds up check-in, but upon arrival as well. At certain airports global entry users go through automatic kiosks that allows them to skip processing lines and paperwork. Applicants must go through a thorough background check to be approved, but it makes travel much quicker and easier in the long run.

6. Use travel sized items

Travel sized items are your best friend at airport security, and they’re not hard to find. Many stores and locations have travel sections where you can buy items such as shampoo, conditioner, and other premeasured liquids in approved travel measurements. TSA will have you throw out any liquids that are above the legal amount allowed, so always double check or if your unsure pack away your liquids into your check-on.

If you want to bring your own shampoo or lotion, there are travel sized containers you may buy as well. If it’s a drink however, you’re better off waiting to get through TSA and simply buying it in an airport store.

Which of these travel tips will help you navigate the airport? Leave a comment below!

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