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10 Essential Things To Pack For Your Beach Day

10 Essential Things To Pack For Your Beach Day

10 Essential Things To Pack For Your Beach Day

Realizing that you forgot something essential once you get to the beach is always disappointing, especially when that something you forgot is sunscreen or your sunglasses. The beach may seem like a relaxing, refreshing part of summer, but preparing for your beach day can be a lot of work. That’s why we are here to help and remind you of the 10 essential things you MUST pack for your beach day!

1. Sunscreen

DUH! You cannot have a successful beach day without sunscreen. Make sure to pack a variety of sunscreens ranging from SPF 15 to get your initial tan and increasing in SPF levels to keep your skin protected. The longer you stay out in the sun, the more sunscreen your skin will require. Remember to reapply every hour!

2. Sunglasses

Aside from protecting your skin, remember to protect your eyes, too! Not only do sunglasses prevent headaches by keeping you from squinting all day, but they can be a cute fashion staple, too! Find a pair that fits you well and rock it in all of your summer beach pictures.


3. Towels

You would be surprised how often people forget to pack towels. Make sure to pack two or three towels as well – one for laying out, one for drying off, and one just in case! You can never be too prepared. Plus, who wants to dry off with a towel full of sand?

4. A Change Of Clothes

One of the worst feelings in the world is having to wear wet clothes in an uncomfortable situation. If you plan on going in the water, make sure to pack a change of clothes for once the swimming fun is over. It typically gets a little cooler at night, and driving or walking home in a wet swimsuit is not ideal.

5. Water Bottles

The most important thing to remember during a day in the sun is to stay hydrated! Pack your own water, and try to use an insulated, reusable water bottle packed with ice to keep your water cold for as long as possible. Not only are you saving the sea turtles, but you are saving money, too! Water bottles sold at the beach can be way overpriced, so make sure to bring your own!


6. Hair Ties And A Hairbrush

After a day at the beach, you are definitely going to achieve that natural beach waves look, but not without a price! The wind near the shore is bound to put seemingly impossible to untangle knots in your hair. To prevent this hair disaster, remember to pack hair ties and a hairbrush. Keep your hair up while at the beach to avoid knots and help keep you cool!

7. A Book Or Headphones

A relaxing day at the beach gives you lots of time to enjoy yourself in some way. You will want to be entertained, and the beach is always more fun when you have music to listen to or a book that you cannot put down!

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8. Aloe

You never know if you will need it or not, but it is always better to be prepared! If you happen to get a sunburn while at the beach, aloe is a lifesaver that you absolutely must have with you. Apply aloe to the sunburnt area for instant relief until you can get home and take care of your skin.

9. Snacks

What’s a day at the beach without some fresh watermelon? Before leaving, pack a small cooler with fresh fruit and sandwiches for quick and easy snacks to munch on during your beach day. Packing food will save you money and keep you satisfied, hydrated, and energized during your day in the sun!

10. A Camera

The beach always provides the perfect photo opportunity, so make sure you have a camera to capture those moments with! Pack a digital camera or Polaroid to document all of your summer beach memories.


What do you absolutely NEED to have in your beach bag? Comment down below and let us know!

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