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9 Essential Things To Bring On Your Road Trip

9 Essential Things To Bring On Your Road Trip

Now that the scorching hot summer months are coming to a close, it’s time to get serious about those trips you and your friends plan on taking. Grab your significant other if you have one and all your gear, it’s time to kick it and go hike some mountains. But what consists of typical gear for a road trip? These are some things you will never regret bringing.

1. Sick beats

Whether they come from your phone, iPod, or even an ancient CD player, bringing music along for the ride is going to be a staple for this road trip. Sitting through traffic without music is like going to the dentist without letting them numb your teeth as they drill cavities. If the boredom doesn’t get to you, you might just leave the car and do Pilates on the middle of the highway first. 


2. A pet

Cleaning up after it is never gonna be a fun experience but at least having a cat to pet while you’re the DD and your friends are drunkenly playing cards will raise your spirits. Bring a lizard or something if that really suits you, or a well-trained dog. Just make sure that whatever you bring is okay with traveling inside enclosed vehicles for periods of time and that you have the means to watch and make sure it doesn’t get itself run over by accident. It’s hard enough making sure your friends don’t do that, sometimes.

3. Water cooler

Dranks. But seriously, drinking warm water is enjoyable after physical exercise and physical exercise alone. If you aren’t exerting yourself, you won’t treasure the experience of having to gulp down warm liquids at all. Bring a cooler and keep you and your companions hydrated as you make your way down the road.


4. Sunglasses

Keep the glare from the road out of your eyes and avoid those unnecessary sunset traffic crashes. Growing up in Texas, I knew more than enough that one should always keep a pair of sunglasses in the car just in case. Bringing these with you will not only be useful on the road, but also for any hiking pit stops you may make.

5. Hiking Boots

Speaking of hiking, how about your most comfortable boots? Wearing new boots in is a hassle, and I’ve hiked in Converse and skinny jeans. If you want to get the most out of this road-bound experience, you’re gonna wanna dress like you’re Bear Grylls on a mission traveling through the Serengeti. 


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6. Chargers

DO NOT forget your chargers, and this includes plenty of portable chargers. If your car has outlets to connect to, make sure that you bring the connectors as well. This is not only so that your GPS can always be running, but so that the 4 delinquents ignoring you as they listen to DnD podcasts can get their full fill of nerd bandwidth before they rejoin the land of the living again.


7. First-Aid kit

It’s a classic but it helps. Really all you need in it is some band-aids, disinfectant, Tylenol, and Motrin. If you’re going on a long road trip, you might consider throwing in Pepto-Bismol and Imodium as well. Getting sick on vacation is the worst, but a few essentials can make the whole ride a lot less miserable. While you’re at it, pack some garbage bags for any car sickness and remind your friends to pack any medicine they may need for the trip too.

8. Small backpack

A small backpack is a must for those times you pause for hikes and scenic overview. Whether it’s a small bag, strapped purse, or a fanny pack, bring something convenient enough to move around in. You can carry your keys, phone, wallet, and anything else you need with you at ease. Consider bringing some plastic baggies for phones in the case of a waterfall hike or a trip near water. After all, wouldn’t want to risk anything.


9. Thermos

Last but certainly not least, one of the most important essentials you’ll pack on this journey is a thermos. Perhaps you have a morning penchant for coffee, or you enjoy a cup of afternoon tea. Bring your hipster juice cleanse along with you in a thermos to the art galleys you visit in order to keep it cold. Whatever your poison is, this metal container will have never before come in clutch to this extent.

Which essentials do you enjoy bringing on your road trips?