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Essential Supplies For Journaling

If you are intimidated by the idea of journaling, we are here to help! This list of journaling essentials will prepare you to start your journaling journey. Plus, they are all cute and trendy accessories that will get you excited about using them!

1. Journal

As you already know, you can’t start journaling without a journal notebook! Most people prefer to use a bullet journal because it is more versatile than a lined journal. You can create your own layout using the dots on each page. If you are intimidated by the idea of a bullet journal, watch a few YouTube tutorials or look for Pinterest inspiration to get you started! 

You can use your journal for a variety of things. Track your mood, plan your class schedule, or write out a weekly calendar using Pinterest templates or your imagination! I recommend finding a journal that has a cute design on the front so that you are excited about using it. You will also want to consider buying a spiral-bound journal. Those journals are easier to write in since both sides can be laid flat.

2. Pens

You will definitely need a variety of pens for journaling! I like to combine different ink colors to create fun designs and patterns. If you are writing a list, you may want to use one color for your heading and another color for the list items. Avid bullet journalists recommend having a special black ink pen that serves multiple purposes. That pen will be your best friend when it comes to journaling, so I recommend having a few back-ups just in case. You want a pen that is comfortable in your hand so that you can write for long periods.

3. Pencils

Pencils are another journaling essential! You will need a pencil to outline your designs so that they can be traced in pen. Since pencils are erasable, they are the perfect tool for experimenting with different layouts, word blocking, and patterns. If you watch any bullet journaling tutorial on YouTube, you will see them start by outlining everything in pencil. That way, you can easily erase your mistakes without starting a new page! You can use either mechanical pencils or No. 2 pencils. Just make sure that the pencil has a thin led so that you can make light sketches. 

4. Highlighters

Highlighters are the perfect way to fill in block letters and draw attention to important things in your journal. I recommend creating a highlighting system where each color means something different. You can use this system in your journals, school books, and Bible! Once you establish your system, your brain will automatically associate each color with a specific meaning. You can also buy Bible highlighters that won’t bleed through the pages. This is a great way to organize your thoughts, lists, and events!


5. Quiet Music

When you sit down to journal, you want to be in a quiet space. This will give you time to think and decompress without distractions. If you have a hard time focusing in dead silence, try listening to soft music! I recommend making a playlist that you only listen to while you are journaling. This will tell your brain to focus on the task in front of you. If classical music puts you to sleep, try listening to soft music with words. 

6. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a cute and fun journaling accessory! You can use the tape to decorate the edges of your page or to outline designs. The unique patterns on washi tape will add a trendy flair to any bullet journal! I recommend buying a few different patterns and experimenting with them in your journal. You can use different tape designs to organize the categories in your journal. ‘

7. Tabs

Tabs are a great way to organize your journal, especially if it serves multiple purposes. You can hand label the tabs or use a label maker. The tabs help to evenly divide your journal into sections for easy access. Once you have the tabs placed, you can easily pick the section you want to use without scrambling for your notes!

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8. Ruler

Straight, clean lines are a common feature in bullet journals. Even if you aren’t using a bullet journal, you will probably need to draw a straight line at some point. I recommend using a clear ruler so that you can see the dots or lines that you are connecting. Since most of us don’t have a natural gift for drawing straight lines, you will definitely need this accessory. You will make fewer mistakes and create cleaner designs when you use a ruler!

9. Pencil Bag

All of these supplies would be easily lost if you don’t have a pencil holder! You can buy pencil holders that have multiple compartments to hold your pens, pencils, highlighters, tape, tabs, and rulers. I recommend getting a pencil bag that fits in your purse so that you can easily transport your supplies. You may want to have multiple sets of writing utensils, tabs, and rulers if you plan on traveling with your journaling supplies.

You will also want plastic organizers to organize your supplies at your desk. You can find these organizers at any craft store. These clear holders will make your supplies easily accessible while keeping your desk neat and tidy. I recommend keeping your writing utensils in one container, your tabs in another container, and your washi tape in another container.

10. Discipline

It takes discipline to maintain a journal! Try to set a goal for how often you want to write in your journal. I like to journal at least 3 times a week, but maybe you like to journal daily! Designate a time and space where you can write, doodle, and dream without interruptions. If you make journaling a daily habit, you will establish a routine that will benefit you in all areas of life!

Did this list of journaling supplies inspire you to start your own journal? Let us know in the comments!

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