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Essential Packing Tips For Every Traveler

Essential Packing Tips For Every Traveler

Essential Packing Tips For Every Traveler

Traveling is stressful. You don’t have any control over what will happen at the airport, whether it is baggage restrictions at check-in or departure delays, but you can at least pack for a stress-free holiday with these handy packing tips!

1. Write A Packing List

While it may seem a bit tedious, a packing list will help you prepare in advance and remember what you need to bring. It’s better to take a few minutes out of your day and write a list than to travel a few thousand miles before realizing you’ve forgotten your cellphone charger and sandals at home.

A packing list can also help you visualize what you have and what you may need to buy in preparation for your travel. Maybe it is as essential as a good pair of walking shoes or something as simple as your favorite sundry item. Just remember to leave the list somewhere you can easily see, such as on top of your suitcase or taped to your door. This way there is little chance of forgetting anything and you’re starting off well prepared before you depart.

Essential Packing Tips For Any Traveler

2. Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes can save an immense amount of space in your luggage. While folding them does make them seem more flat, folded clothes take up a greater amount of surface space. Rolling them tightly does just the opposite, and they’re great for cushioning any delicate objects you are bringing with you.

Essential Packing Tips For Any Traveler

3. Carry an Extra Change of Clothes in Your Carry-On

Airlines may lose your luggage or maybe you simply have a twelve-hour layover in the airport before your next flight. While neither of these scenarios is enough to end a holiday, at least you’ll have an extra set of clean clothes in your carry on to help you maintain a pleasant stress-free state of mind.

It is more than likely that you will check in your suitcase that’s carrying most of your outfits, so in case something uneventful occurs, you will be prepared. It is always a good idea to have an emergency set of clothes ready and accessible whether it’s a required change or you simply wish to freshen up from the same clothes you’ve been wearing for 24 hours.

4. Know Airline Baggage Restriction Policy

There is nothing like being surprised to learn you are going to be assessed an unreasonable amount of fees for either having one too many pieces of luggage or an overweight suitcase. It is best to check the airline baggage policy well before you begin packing so you are aware of your restrictions and limitations. Don’t pack extra items because chances are you won’t be needing them.

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Airlines are strict when it comes to check-in bags and carry-ons. To avoid the stress of trying to figure out how to repack at the airline counter or to avoid any fees, pack only the essentials.

5. Leave Some Extra Space

You’re human. You’re in a different place in the world and will want to bring home a memento or two. You. Will. Shop. While you will want to share souvenirs with your family and friends, buying a new suitcase probably wasn’t part of that plan.

Unless you were planning on replacing your old tattered suitcase with three functioning wheels, you most likely won’t want to spend money on a new one at any tourist destination. For this reason, it’s always good to leave a little extra space when packing. While you are packing, if there is room left don’t feel obliged to add more items, because chances are you’ll fill it by the end of your trip.

Essential Packing Tips For Any Traveler

Which packing tips did you find most helpful? Leave a comment down below!

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