10 Essential Lipstick Shades You Need To Rock This Summer

Time for summer means it is time to double down on the SPF. While it is time to be doubling down on smart skincare choices, it is also time to double up on fun lipstick choices. We are ready to relax, let our hair down and try new things. Here are essential lipstick shades you need to rock this summer that are a #Mood!

1. Cherry Red

Cherry red is a classic red. From Marilyn Monroe, to Rihanna, to Gwen Stefani, this shade is timeless and looks good on any skin tone and lip shapes. This color exudes confidence, passion and exuberance. A red lip would look great in your summer IG post!

2. Plum

This deep and lush color comes off as sensual and intriguing. It invokes a little mystery which is a beneficial trait for any summer night out on the town. Plum gives off dark and seductive in the best way.

3. Mauve

This shade of simplicity can work for any character and any personality. It is like the chameleon of lipsticks shades. Having the ability to blend perfectly with any setting. Whether you summer activities are casual or formal you will be ready with a shade of mauve.

4. Gloss

Going gloss can mean going glam or going glum. Probably one of the best selections for when you are feeling lowkey, next to a nude lip. Slapping on gloss is minimalistic effort. Whether you’re feeling glam or glum, gloss will make you look ready to concur any summer storm (literally and figuratively). It is effort with no effort.

5. Soft Pink

A light or medium pink is of a softer approach. Great for a day trip with friends or a backyard barbecue, Pinks give off a kind, gentle, and warm aura. Although the wearer comes off reserved, they still come off approachable. It is a great choice for a first impression.

6. Bright Pink

This lipstick is both feminine and bold. It shows self-assurance and a sense of adventure. Summer is all about a joyful, free-spirited energy which is exactly what this shade conveys. It is fun and bright and makes you feel like throwing caution to the wind. The ultimate summer vibes!

7. Red Wine

Great for a date night or night of bar hopping, a red wine lipstick is quite the alluring shade. It can come off as a bit exotic and seductive while giving you an air of spontaneity. Your self-assurance you exude in your Snapchat story will be the envy of your peers.

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8. Funky Colors Purple/Blue/Green/Yellow

These wild colors are a crafty way to expression individualism. They are seen as creative and artsy. They show you are the non-conformist that is not afraid to be different. It makes those around you have the desire to know what your unique summer plans are, for you are one to think outside the box. 

9. Metallic

Feeling electric and ready for those fun summer nights! Metallic lipstick says, you are going wherever the party is going. It is vibrant and energetic, and makes a statement that you have claimed summer 2019 to be IT. It is an attention-grabbing nuance that will make you hard to miss in a crowded room.

10. Black

While summer is all about sunshine, bright, and uplifting energy, that doesn’t mean your darker side can’t come out to play. While dark lipstick can make you look a bit intimidating and sensually dangerous it also gives you an the air of introspectiveness. Perfect for late night cafes and lounges.

Let us know down in the comments what your go-to summer lipstick will be!

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Nechel Newton

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