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Essential Items To Pack For A Euro Trip

When going on a Euro trip, it is important to pack all of the essentials. Besides taking the obvious toiletries, camera, maps, money, and tickets, you will need a few basic things in terms of clothing and accessories to fit right in! Here are some of the most essential items to pack for a Euro trip. 

Cute Backpack

When traveling around Europe, you will need to have something that will fit more stuff than a purse (i.e. camera). It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a purse though! I mean what are you going to wear for a fancy dinner? However, when doing more touristy things, it will make your life a lot easier having a small cute backpack. Beware of pick-pocketers though, in certain areas it may be safer carrying the backpack in front! 

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Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is always a great Euro trip travel essential for almost any place and occasion. It is cute, trendy, goes with basically any outfit and will keep you warm without over heating. Pair it with a cute dress or a tank and flowy shorts and you will be ready for a touristy day walking around your favorite museums!

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Summer Dresses

If you are doing a Euro trip during the summer time, pack lots of summery dresses! They will be very comfy to walk around in and you will look amazing wherever you go. European women tend to look their best so you will fit right in!

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Skip the super short-shorts and go for some skirts and trousers when packing for a Euro trip! Skirts look super feminine and classy, and when going for pant options, try capris or midi trouser types for summer time. If you are going during cooler months, any pants should do!

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Fashionable Sunglasses

Ray bans, Prada, you name it, go ahead and splurge a bit on those sunnies when packing for a Euro trip. You will look extra posh and trendy; it is key to dress impressively when in Europe! 

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These will be super helpful for traveling around Europe and flying. Joggers are super trendy as well as comfortable so you will look and feel like both! Good brands to look into include: VS Pink, American Eagle, Hollister, Nike, and Adidas. 

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Comfy Sneaks

You will likely be walking around A LOT when going on a Euro trip so make sure to pack some cute but comfortable sneaks! Look into brands like Keds, Puma, Nike, and Sketchers, and Adidas! Plus if you get a neutral color (like white or cream lol) they will go with any outfit so you wont have to overload on shoes! 

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Instead of bulky sweaters that will take up the whole luggage, pack some cute and classy cardigans! They look very put-together, will look great with dresses and trousers, and will give a more preppy and very European look! 

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High Waisted Jeans

When going for the jeans, pack some cute high waisted, neutral ones instead of the rugged, distressed pair (even though you love them). Europeans tend to have a very simple and classic look, so you will feel more put together in a basic, neutral pair that will flaunt your feminine curves!

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Grab a bunch of pretty blouses for that Euro trip ladies, you will need them! You can go neutral, floral, cropped, or long-just grab a bunch of your best looking ones!

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Elegant Outfit/Dress

Make sure to pack at least one fancy outfit for the trip when going to Europe! You will likely dine in some fancy cafes and restaurants so it is important to look your best! 

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Light Scarves

What is more Euro than pairing an outfit with a scarf?! 

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Trendy Watch

Lastly, make sure to bring that trendy watch (even though you probably wont be needing it for the time)! Europeans always have a sexy watch on them so it is the perfect opportunity to get one for yourself-Swiss watch anyone?? 😉

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Packing for a Euro Trip is quite simple, all you need is a few basic essentials! What are other things you should bring on a Euro Trip?

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