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5 Essential Items To Get You Through Dorm Life

5 Essential Items To Get You Through Dorm Life

Dorm life is a common experience for many college students, and one of the most important choices you can make when first moving is what to bring. What exactly should you bring though? And why is it so important? This list is here to help.

1. Keurig Machine

It’s not a stretch to say that you will become very closely acquainted with caffeine during your dorm life and college years, which is why a Keurig may very well become your best friend. With a large number of models to choose from and easy to use K-cups, a Keurig is perfect for a college student on the move.

Need that caffeine or sugar boost in a way besides coffee? Not a problem, k-cups come in tea, cocoa, and even iced drink blends. Just remember that some dorms may have restricted use of machines in your room, so you may have to use it in the communal kitchen or lounge instead.


2. Surge Protector

One of the first things most people may do in a new dorm is look for the outlets, and they may not always be in the most convenient of places. They may be wedged closely between the closet and wall, or just a bit to far from your desk to plug your laptop in. This is where a surge protector comes in handy.

While they function identically to typical power strips, surge protectors also prevent power spikes, a sudden high increase in power which can risk damaging your electronics. While they’re slightly more expensive than the typical power strip, the investment is well worth it to prevent any lasting harm, plus the added space for convenient outlets is always a bonus for any student.


3. Headphones/Earbuds

While living in a dorm there are several factors to take into consideration when it comes to noise. One, it is highly likely that your dorm will have quiet hours, which is a time where noise above a certain level is forbidden; Two, if you’re living with a roommate you should be considerate of your noise level and what you play; And three, you are going to have neighbors, and just because you are quiet does not mean they will be.

This is where headphones and earbuds come in. Whether they’re to drown out unwanted noise or to play your music and shows late at night, these are a must-have for dorm life when you’re surrounded by so many others.

You don’t need anything fancy either like noise-canceling headphones, a simple set of plastic earbuds will serve your purpose just as well as any.


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4. Desk Lamp

Perhaps you and your roommate will go to sleep at different times, or maybe you just don’t want to bother turning on the main light for your whole room. Whatever the case is, a desk lamp is essential for those long nights of studying during dorm life. A small simple lamp can be as cheap as 8 dollars, while more expensive ones may add features such as a blue light filter, flexible neck, or different light ranges.


Found easily in stores and on websites on Amazon, they’re simple to order and go a long way in helping on those inevitable cram nights when you cannot book a library room before a test.

5. Fan

Though it may come as a surprise to some, college dorms are not known to have the best cooling systems. So, on those hot muggy days or when your air-conditioning unit isn’t cutting it, a fan may just be the reason why you’re able to sleep during those beginning August and September months.


You don’t have to buy a high-powered air circulation or tower fan to get any airflow, a simple personal fan could be just right for you, and websites such as Amazon and BestBuy will have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

What item from this list is most useful to you? Leave a comment down below!

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