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Essential Hygiene Tips for Men

Essential Hygiene Tips for Men

As we grow from little boys to grown men, we must understand the importance of self-care and grooming. When it comes to achieving success, good personal hygiene plays a vital role in our lives. Personal hygiene is quite difficult, but here are some tips that you can use to make personal hygiene very easy. 

1. Deodorant or body spray

The first step into manhood is wearing the right deodorant or body spray to look and stay fresh. All men must follow this rule as much as they can and understand the difference between the two. Deodorant is used to eliminate odors that are caused by sweating while body spray only provides a nice smell to your body. Your best option would be to go for a mixture of the two to ensure you smell good and while maintaining a perfect sweat balance. 

Cleansing is done right using good smelling deodorant


2. Wash your face every morning

This step is not only vital for men’s hygrine, but it is important for men’s overall health. Instead of using soap on your face in the morning, just use hot water. I know a lot of dermatologists say that using soap with hot water work well in opening up your poor’s, but the use of this soap will upset the natural Ph balance that will cause your skin to feel dry and itchy and that is not good at all. Instead, you should use specific facial cleaners that are made to balance out the Ph balance restoring your face’s moisture and glow. 

Facial cleansing works well with the right products

3. Brush and Floss your teeth 

Everyone understands the benefits of brushing your teeth daily from morning to night. But flossing is critical to men’s health. It has been reported that a critical part of men’s hygiene is to keep your mouth healthy by brushing and flossing regularly. Women can find this very attractive in a man. 


Cleansing for your mouth is important

4. Take a shower every day

This personal hygrine tip is pretty simple, you have to take a shower every day, especially after having a long day of work. Most importantly, make sure that the water is hot after things like working out. Hot water helps in relaxing the muscles as it raises blood circulation. Taking a hot bath is also a good choice where it has the same effect on the body as getting a nice massage. You can also enjoy a nice soak in some warm water and you feel refreshed and happy later on. 

A nice hot shower does it just right for cleansing the body


5. Shaving and grooming

Most men believe that our facial hair should always be kept clean and well-cut, it is also important to keep other intimate areas on our body well trimmed also. This is known as the art of “Manscaping”, making sure that the hair around your genital area is well kept. Believe it or not, the hair down there can indeed get sweaty causing itchiness. So to make sure that you are doing yourself good down there, trim your mane with good care. 

Our facial hair deserves good cleansing guys

6. Wash after sex

 You must wash your genitals after having sex. It is not only clean for your body, but women find it very attractive. Women find it very attractive to men who smell nice while being intimate. The genital area is also the one region that has the most sweat and can smell bad easily. I mean think about it, the last thing you want is to have pleasure, but it is put on pause because your area down there smells bad. Therefore, you should always have a cleanliness routine and use good quality products. 


Cleanliness for you and your partner

7. Change your underwear

A lot of men find it to be a misbelief that choosing not to change your underwear gives you a sense of manly masculinity rather following a boring routine. If you do not change your underwear daily, you are inviting an infestation of viruses, fungus, and bacteria to nest in your intimate region. This could lead to severe cases of STD which can put both you and your partner at risk when having intercourse. We have all heard the phrase “safe sex is great sex”, let us incorporate the use of good hygiene into this phrase. 

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Cleanliness down there is very attractive

8. Keep your fingernails and toenails well clipped

The last thing you want to do is hold a girl’s hand and the first thing she notices are you having long dirty fingernails. Remember to always tend to your finger and toenails every week. You mustn’t allow dirt to pile up under your nails. It is perfectly ok for men to get touched up with a minor pedicure or manicure where you can just relax and let an expert tend to your nails. Dirty nails can be a very big turnoff.

Cleansing routines for a good body appearance


9. Eat healthy meals

A lot of men like to believe that hype of only eating lots of meat and just constantly pumping iron in the gym to help you look muscular. Trust men, this is just hype and does more little than good for your body by slowing your performance down. Choosing to eat healthier foods like citrus fruits, vegetables and protein instead can help you reduce the amount of sweat and foul smell that can develop near your genital’s and will also improve your performance in the bedroom. Choosing to ditch the burger for and fries for some fruits and veggies will pay off when it’s time for you to get it on!Daily cbody cleansing is done well with healthy foods  

10. Drink lots of water

Not a lot of people are aware of it, but by drinking lots of water, you are flushing the urinary tract. This makes bacteria and other toxins have a difficult time trying to create an infection. So make sure you are drinking at least the average amount of water a day along with other good liquids like hot tea and juice that helps assist in cleaning out your system. 

Cleansing out toxins works well with water


As grown men, it is our responsibility to take care of all forms of our hygiene. If you know of any other good forms of daily hygiene routines, please let me know in the comments.