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Essential Hygiene Tips Every Woman On Earth Should Know

Essential Hygiene Tips Every Woman On Earth Should Know

The essential hygiene tips I will be listing in this article are crucial for all women to be aware of. Some of these tips, commonly known and others, are not. Therefore, here I am, ready to share these essential tips with you all! I hope this article enhances your hygiene and leads to all-day freshness!

Use Organic Liners

I will always suggest that women choose organic feminine products! Always! Natural feminine products have shown to not have adverse long term effects on your body. If you are a woman who feels the need to wear liners every day, then be sure to purchase some liners that will help your vagina flourish and not harm it. 



Most women have their own preferences in how they decide to groom their body hair. Which is entirely understandable and up to you and what you like. It is your body, so do what you like! But I did want to talk to all of the ladies who desire to go the natural route. 

I am all for going the natural way and letting your hair grow as it pleases. However, trimming down every once in a while has its benefits to your hygiene. And many people are not aware of this. The hair itself can hold odor and can be a mess to get entirely clean during menstrual cycles. Therefore, by trimming down your pubic hair, it will allow for a more effortless clean and possible fresher scent. Again, it is totally up to you on how you groom. So, take every tip I give in this article a suggestion that can be used or not. 

Wear Breathable Underwear/Or None

Here is a basic essential hygiene tip for women that is worth mentioning again. Wear breathable (cotton) underwear or none at all. Your vagina needs to breathe! I can not say that enough! Keeping your vagina cooped up in fabrics that do not allow are to flow through can cause yeast infections, unpleasant vaginal odor, and more. Meaning going pantieless should be done on a regular. You should also wear cotton underwear on a daily basis. Lace and other fabrics are not meant to be worn every single day. Find some cute, sexy, and comfortable cotton underwear that will keep you feeling good but will also give your vagina a well-desired break!


Soap Vs. Water

Sometimes soap is not the best for your vagina, water is! Sounds a little crazy right. However, if you are someone who showers twice a day, then only rinsing your vagina with water, one of those times is suggested. Here is why! Your PH balance can be thrown off by the foods you eat, the clothes you wear, the drinks you drink, or the products you use! Meaning, as a woman, you must always strive to stay balanced for your vagina to flourish. 

Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ and only requires to be rinsed with water. Yet if you desire a fresher feel, then find yourself an organic feminine wash that will not throw your PH balance off. But be sure to rinse with water only (no soap) every once in a while just to allow your vagina to do its job alone. Your vagina will thank you!


Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is not only for people who desire to lose weight. Eating healthy is for everyone! Your body craves and needs nutritious foods on a regular! If you are having issues with body odor, bad breath, acne, or health issues, then change your eating habits. Eating healthy is not said to cure those issues, but healthy food has shown to decrease them.


Remove Sweaty Clothing

The next hygiene tip I will be mentioning is an uncommon one. When you come home from being out in the hot sun or when you come in sweaty from your workout, be sure to remove the sweaty damp clothes (including your underwear). With the knowledge we have about the vagina is that it should stay as dry and able to breathe as possible. 

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Leaving on sweaty undergarments and clothes not only hold a smell but can also cause rashes and yeast infections. When you come home moist from the day, be sure to shower and change into some dry and fresh clothing. 


Use Organic Wipes

Wipes can be such a necessity for women, especially during that time of the month. However, most feminine wipes offered at your local stores are not suitable for your vaginal health. I always advise women to be careful with the feminine products they use. I suggest that when looking for feminine products, go organic, and never go the cheap route! Most natural products are made without any harmful chemicals, which will help keep you PH balanced. The organic products will usually cost more than the commonly used products but again never go cheap on the products you will be using on the most sensitive part of your body!

Drink Water

The last hygiene tip we will be talking about in this article is one that many people have heard a million times. Well, here is your million and one times hearing it! Drink water! People do not understand the power water holds. Your body needs water to operate correctly. The lack of enough water can cause acne, irregular odor, constipation, and etc. Therefore, it is very vital to drink a lot of water for the sake of your health.


If you are not a fan of just plain water, then find some creative things to drink your water. Adding fruits into your water is a great way to give your water some more flavor. You can also purchase some water flavors to mix in your water to provide you with an easier way to drink it.

Everyone’s body is different, and it is crucial to learn your own body and find what makes it flourish and what does not! Comment below which essential hygiene tip you found the most helpful! 

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