The Essential Guide to Self Care

The Essential Guide to Self Care

Have you ever felt so run down you don’t know what to do with yourself? You lack energy. You forget your commitments. You feel tired all the time. What’s wrong with you? Everyone goes through slumps, especially when you’re going through the tumultuous four years known as college. Although sometimes things happen to get you down, they don’t have to keep you down. How do we combat the things we can’t control? Well, that’s where self care comes in. SOCIETY19 has created a guide for you to get your life back on track and just relax. So take a deep breath and read all about the essential guide to self care!

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What Is Self Care?

First of all, what even is self care?

Equate self care to “me time.”

Self care is all about taking time to de-stress and focus on your life and current circumstances.

The Essential Guide to Self Care

Different types of self care:

Some say there are different kinds of self care. These include, but are not only limited to:

  • Psychological

  • Physical

  • Personal

  • Professional

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

All in all, though, self care has the same focus- no matter to what part of life you are applying it.

The Essential Guide to Self Care

What should I do for my own self care?

It all really depends on who you are as a person.

It really depends on who you are a person and what kind of activities relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Some people feel relaxed when they take a hot bath. Others feel less tense after a few flows of yoga. Others simply need quiet time with a good book and a cup of tea.

Figure out whatever it is that helps you feel less stressed.

What makes you feel less stressed? Turn to whatever that may be for your self care.

Warning: If the only that relieves your stress is alcohol or any kind of drug, you’re defeating the purpose of self care. You need clarity of the body and mind to really get anything out of your self care routine.

The Essential Guide to Self Care

Examples of solo activities you can do for self care:

  • Go for a walk in a park
  • Download new music you like
  • Give your car a wash outside
  • Plant some flowers, plants, or vegetables outside
  • Meditate (you can look up different meditations/music if you need the assistance)
  • Take your dog for a walk (or borrow a friend’s)!
  • Play Solitaire, work on a crossword puzzle, play a computer game
  • Giving yourself a mani-pedi
  • Free write in a journal
  • Paint or sketch

The Essential Guide to Self Care

  • Crochet or knit
  • Literally just count your blessings outloud or pray
  • Play with playdoh, sand, or clay
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Get a massage (or give yourself one)!
  • Sit in a public place and do nothing but people watch (if alone time isn’t your thing)
  • Curl up with a blanket outside and star gaze on a clear night
  • Rub exfoliating scrub and then lotion on your skin
  • Lie out in the sun
  • Listen to an audio book or a podcast that intrigues you

The Essential Guide to Self Care

Examples of non-solo self care activities:

If you’re an incredibly social person and feel uplifted after spending time with people, invite a friend to practice a self care routine with you.

  • Attend a yoga class or take a walk together

  • Grab coffee at a nearby shop to talk

  • Just relax on the couch and watch a movie

The key to a successful partner self-care system, though, is to remain positive. Make a pact to safeguard each other against negativity during your self-care time.

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The Essential Guide to Self Care


How do I find the time to start a self care routine?

Best time for self care:

Ideally try to find a time during the week when you can be alone. Depending on your living situation and class schedule, this time may only fit into your schedule on the weekends, but do what you can.

The Essential Guide to Self Care


How do I prep myself beforehand to benefit the most out of my self care routine?

Focus on your breathing first.

During this period of time, start of with a few minutes of silence, paired with deep breathing. Focus on only your breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling out the mouth.

Make sure the room is quiet or you have selected your desired background music.

You can find meditation and relaxation music playlists everywhere nowadays, or simply make sure your room is quiet. Turn a fan on or put a light and easy show on in the background on a soft volume for a constant background noise (if that helps you).

Make sure that your door is locked or take any necessary precautions to be certain you won’t be interrupted.

It is important that if you live with your family, friends, or just roommates they are aware that you are going to be out of touch for 10 minutes, an hour, whatever you think is necessary. Put a post it on the door if you have to.

After this, move into something that makes you feel relaxed and happy: it could be yoga, it could be reading, it could be listening to music. Others like to paint their nails, drink a cup of tea, or chant/pray.

The Essential Guide to Self Care

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