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Essential for Your Carry-on Bag

Essential for Your Carry-on Bag

To have the best travel experience, you must ensure that your carry-on bag is packed perfectly with everything you might need. The worst part of traveling can be realizing that you checked a bag with everything you would want on the plane with you. Nothing is worse than sitting in your seat and realizing that you have left your cellphone charger in your checked bag. Or maybe you are in the middle of your layover and start to get cold and acknowledge that you left your sweatshirt in your checked bag. UGH! The worst. So, to ensure that this never happens to you, read this article to ensure that you are prepared.


  1. Chargers

Imagine you sit on the airplane, are getting ready to settle in and get comfortable for your flight and notice that your phone only has a 30% charge left. So, naturally, you reach into your carry-on bag to search for your charger only to see that you checked your charger in your other bag. So now you must have turned off your phone for the remainder of the flight to have enough battery to order an Uber when you land. So do a charger, and when you are getting ready to leave, please make sure that you take your charger out of the outlet and put it straight into your carry-on bag!


  1. Headphones

Make sure that you bring headphones in your carry-on! They won’t do you any favors if they are sitting at home or in your checked luggage. And trust me, you won’t want to waste any money buying a pair from the airports or flight attendants. First, you will likely find that they are uncomfortable and made super cheap even though you probably spend a decent amount of money on them. And you won’t use them again. You will probably end up throwing them out after the plane ride. Make sure to put your headphones in your carry-on bag for the best inflight experience.

  1. Layers

Nothing is worse than sitting on a flight and being freezing! Who wants to be uncomfortable while sitting on a flight for who knows how long? So, to avoid this uneasy feeling, pack some layers to keep you warm and cuddle up with during your getaway. You won’t regret packing a sweatshirt, jacket, or more oversized scarf. You will be happy that you packed an extra layer for your flight because you will want to control the plane’s thermostat and won’t be able to. You may even have a neighbor that turns up their fan which could leave you freezing, and your teeth chattering. So make sure to pack at least one layer in your carry-on bag. You won’t regret it when you watch the woman sitting next to you reach to turn on her fan.


  1. Gum

BRING GUM! Please, I beg of you, you will 100% be craving or need a piece of gum while traveling. Whether you’re bored and want to pop a part in your mouth, you just woke up from a nap and need some fresh breath, or you need your ear to pop, the gum is necessary. It takes up virtually no room in your carry-on bag, but it will save you. I never leave for the airport without a pack of gum, and I recommend you do the same.

  1. Purell/ Wet Wipes

Flight attendants might say they clean the plane before passengers board, but I don’t trust their definition of clean. There is nothing worse than leaving your flight and all of a sudden you feel sick. I think airports and planes are probably crawling and infested with germs, so make sure to protect yourself from gross bacteria. Always bring a travel size of Purell or Wet Wipes, or get both! If you must go the bathroom while traveling, sometimes washing your hands doesn’t feel strong enough, so this is the perfect time to grab a wipe or Purell from your carry-on bag. If I feel as though my seatbelt or seat feels sticky, I will always wipe it down. Before even sitting down, I recommend taking the extra 45 seconds to wipe down your heart, seatbelt, armrest, and tray table. This will help prevent you from getting sick. We have all been there where we have spent so much money on vacation, but we spend the first half of the trip in our rooms because we caught some nasty bug while traveling. Don’t make this mistake pack the Purell and wipes!

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  1. Change of clothes

Picture this you have just gotten off a very long flight, and you are exhausted and, in a rush, to get to your destination when you realize your luggage has been misplaced. This is highly aggerating and frustrating because now you only have the outfit you are wearing right now. And let’s be honest, this outfit is gross after a long day of traveling, and you can’t wait to jump out of it. But it’s ok because you took my advice! I think that you should always keep an extra outfit in your carry-on bag in case your luggage arrives late or is lost. At the bare minimum pack, a pair of clean underwear. But I believe you should travel in a fresh outfit and keep in mind where you are traveling. If you are traveling to the Caribbean and are looking forward to spending some time in the sun, pack a bathing suit and coverup, and if you have space, throw in a hat or sunglasses. Maybe you have room to throw in a pair of PJs, a sundress, or jeans. Honestly, anything is better than nothing at this point because at least you have a fresh outfit to put on after a long day of travel. I highly recommend traveling with clothing that you can change into.


To pack the best carry-on bag, I highly recommend packing: a charger, headphones, layers, gum, Purell, Wet Wipes, and a change of clothes. Enjoy your next adventure and safe travels!