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Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

Dorm Decor For Guys, Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

Choosing the right dorm decor for guys can be a creative opportunity to make your dorm room feel more like home. There’s a huge variety of dorm decor for guys out there, so it just depends if you prefer to have more functional or cosmetic stuff. Sometimes you can get a good mix of both which is what makes these things so great and perfect for a dorm room. Whether you have a dorm apartment with your own room or you’re sharing a smaller room with someone else, it’s nice to decorate your room/side of the room. Although you usually don’t get a ton of room in your dorm, it can help it feel cozier and more like home when you customize it to how you like. Here is some essential dorm decor you need for your college dorm!   

1. A Comfy Chair

A great thing you should have in your college dorm is a nice comfy chair. There’s a big variety of comfy chairs you could choose depending on your decorative tastes and your budget. Nothing can compare to coming back after a long day of classes or work and having a nice comfy chair to relax in. Some may choose to go for the classic bean bag chair but those can have a messy ending with just one little tear. However, if that’s what you’d like then I’d suggest a chair like this. It is a more durable version of a bean bag chair so your college antics don’t easily tear or stain it. 

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

2. Bed Caddy

Dorm decor for guys is especially nice when it’s really functional as well. This bed caddy is a great addition to your college dorm when you don’t have the room for a nightstand next to your bed. It goes underneath your mattress and hangs down the side of your box spring. It’s got a lot of pockets perfect for your phone, glasses, notebooks, and more! It also has a slot where you can put a power strip that way you can easily plug in your phone or laptop close to your bed. This is a perfect addition to any college dorm and it’s also a relatively cheap price! A great dorm decor for guys that’s also super functional and helpful.

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

3. String Lights

String lights can be great dorm decor for guys for a number of reasons. It might seem like a more typical “girly” thing to have in your dorm but it’s not. String lights can give your dorm a great look at night especially if you choose a colored variation of these string lights here. They can be a lighter alternative to the strong fluorescent dorm lights you might have. They can also set the mood if you’re looking to have a special friend over to “watch some Netflix.” Strings lights can be a good investment because you can keep them for when you move and use them to decorate a house or apartment for the holidays or just in general!

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

4. Star Wars Floating Death Star Speaker

No college dorm is complete without a solid speaker to keep up your neighbors late into the night. This speaker, in particular, is perfect dorm decor for guys that are huge Star Wars fans! The floating death star speaker makes an awesome addition to your dorm for its cool look and great speakers. It has up to a five hour playback time on one charge and uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. It’s really portable and uses magnetics to float above the base and spin continuously! Don’t miss out on this awesome, Star Wars speaker to really make your dorm room unique.

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

5. Armchair Backrest Pillow

An armchair backrest pillow makes great dorm decor for guys! It’s small and can easily stay on your bed for the most part and can have many uses. It can be great to help you sit in bed while you read, study, or even play video games. It’s got great back support as well as convenient armrests making it the perfect addition to your dorm bed. It can make staying up late studying more comfortable when you can sit in your bed as opposed to your standard dorm chair. Any guy in college would be grateful to get this backrest pillow!

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

6. Tapestry

A tapestry can be perfect dorm decor for guys because there are so many different options! You can get something depending on his tastes so it could be space, nature, motivation, or sports. This one, in particular, is a cool basketball tapestry that would look awesome in any guy’s dorm. It’s simple but good-looking so he could hang it anywhere in his dorm room and his roommate is very unlikely to object. Tapestries are awesome dorm decor for guys because they’re a chance to be creative and really express your interests while also making your dorm room feel more like home.

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Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

7. Compact Storage

An essential dorm decor for guys is getting something subtle that also acts as some compact storage. It really depends on the layout of the guy’s dorm room for what piece of storage works best. You could go for more vertical storage that could hang on the back of the door or in his closet. Also, there is rolling cart storage where you could put some stuff on the different layers and roll it around the dorm room for easy access. The simple and possibly best form of storage for college dorms is storage drawers. If there’s room under the bed it can be a real space saver to throw in some storage drawers that can hold all his miscellaneous stuff or even some of his clothes! 

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

8. Mini-Fridge

The ultimate dorm decor for guys is easily the mini-fridge. It’s got the best combination of decorative appeal as well as functionality. Having a mini-fridge means you get to keep a personal supply of various drinks or food ready for whenever you want. It also adds a cool-looking piece of decor to your dorm room! You could follow the college classic and cover your mini-fridge with a bunch of stickers. It can be a more expensive piece of dorm decor for guys (or girls!) but is a worthy investment and if taken care of it can last a few years.

Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

What dorm decor for guys is essential for college dorms? Share in the comments below!

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