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Essential Clothing Stores For Girls In Their 20’s

Essential Clothing Stores For Girls In Their 20’s

Essential Clothing Stores For Girls In Their 20's

Your twenties are a time to be sexy, stylish, mature, and done with those “so high school” type of clothing stores (you know which ones I am talking about)! Honestly, all you really need is the basics and a few main stores to get all of those essentials for staying in, going out, and every day wear. Here are some of the best clothing stores that have everything one would need for girls in their twenties!

American Eagle

This one is a classic clothing store for girls in their twenties. AE always has the absolute best and most comfortable jeans around (fight me)! It also has pretty much everything else when it comes to basic essentials: t-shirts, tops, shorts/pants, two-piece sets, lingerie etc. Even though some items may be pricey, AE tends to have a lot of sales and the items are good quality so they are worth it and will last forever! What is great about AE is that it makes clothes for all body shapes! This store has been around for ages and for good reason; we need this one!


Express is another essential clothing store. It has a lot of great things for going out, work clothes on a budget (but good quality), and all of the basics for daily activities. Almost everything is under $100 so you won’t have to feel bad about breaking your bank. Be sure to check out their nightlife clothing as well!



A higher-end clothing store, Guess is always a good choice for those who feel like being a little more boujee. It is great for finding cute outfits for nightlife, date night, work, and for other nicer occasions. They also have great jeans and shoes! Although it can get pricey, there are plenty of affordable items that will last a lifetime and people will always ask where you got your clothes from!

Victoria’s Secret/PINK

Who does not shop at VS?! This is a MUST for girls in their twenties! VS and PINK are great clothing stores for the cute and comfy type of gal. You can get everything from bras/lingerie, sweats, college gear, workout clothes, leggings, sweaters, tees, and body essentials! Yes, it is a bit overpriced, but it does not hurt to treat yourself once in a while and VS usually has pretty good deals especially if you get yourself an Angel Card with points! This store is well known for its high-quality bras and workout gear (and the best leggings on the planet!)

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This is the perfect clothing store for the boho, beachy, California type of girl. Great for summer styles but also fall and winter; they have some of the comfiest sweaters and sweats ever! This is a great store for bikinis, summer dresses and two-piece sets, skirts, shorts, and cute classic tee shirts. If you are that kind of girl who enjoys being comfy and looking good without trying too hard, this is the store for you. You will always look effortlessly stylish.

Oh Polly

Online clothing stores are soooo in because of the convenience and Oh Polly is probably one of the best! It has the sexiest styles when it comes to going out; dresses, two pieces, crop tops, accessories etc. They also just launched new styles for loungewear and they look so good (good enough for everyday wear). Oh Polly also has a line of bikinis and summer styles; be sure to check out their website for new and coming clothes since they always come up with new things every season!

Girls in their twenties just need a few of those essential clothing stores to get everything they would want and need! What are some of your favorite places to shop at and what do you recommend?

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