8 Essential Apps For College Student Survival

Have you ever thought of using your phone to help you through your classes, instead of taking you away from the stress of it all? Whether you think you need to focus more on your health or study habits, these eight apps for college are essential for you!

1. MyFitnessPal

If you want to spend more time focusing on your health and fitness during this semester, then this app is perfect for you! Here, you can record your consumption habits and log all of the restaurants you visit. You can count every calorie and later track your heart rate after you finish a run! This app encourages you to make goals and “change habits” to make this year your best!

2. Unidays: Student Deals

If you’re looking to save a bit of money this semester, this is one of the best apps for college! This app will source free and discounted items from your favourite brands and stores. They will also send you notifications when really great deals are being made. Their partnered brands include but are not limited to ASOS, Cotton On and Sephora, so get on it!

8 Essential Apps For College Student Survival

3. Pocket Schedule Planner

If you find yourself looking for apps for college to help your studies, give this one a go! Here, you can organise your day-to-day class timetable and your exam schedule! The app will alert you when your upcoming assignments are due, and you can colour code your subjects to help yourself feel more on top of your work!

4. Motivational Quotes-Daily Quote

Do you often find yourself looking for inspiration? Do you feel like you need a little boost, especially when your workload begins to pile up? This app is a great way to encourage yourself to push your limits! With colourful backgrounds and special fonts, these quotes will help you to start your day on the right foot. You can even share them with your friends and family!

8 Essential Apps For College Student Survival

5. Esplorio Travel Journal and Blog

If you’re looking for apps for college to help you focus on your writing skills, try Esplorio! Blog your days and travels, even if you’re just wandering around your town, on your phone. You can even do this offline! However, internet will enable you to download a postcard from your location and send it to whoever you desire. This is a great app for students who are looking to strengthen their writing skills.

8 Essential Apps For College Student Survival

6. Stress Check

Do you find yourself feeling constantly worried about your workload or grades? This app might be able to help you out! It records your stress and creates a “stress score” for you to examine. Here, you can determine what is making you feel anxious! It then encourages you to set certain goals to ensure that you feel great about yourself and your accomplishments every day.

7. Focus Keeper

Are you prone to distraction? Some apps for college only distance you further from your studies. This one, however, will keep you focused! By choosing a task you really need to complete, and setting a timer next to it, this app will create a “focus session” for you to focus on your work. It also includes an alarm and music library for your entertainment. Follow your progress charts to observe your daily improvement!

8 Essential Apps For College Student Survival

8. Pocketbook

Terrible at budgeting? Don’t know where to begin to save money? Download this app to categorise your spending! You can easily sync this app to your bank accounts to observe where your money is being spent and how much you are spending. The app can also implement a “safety spend limit” to prevent you from over-spending on the weekends!

Did you find any of these apps for college helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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