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Essential Amazon Buys For A First Year In College

Amazon has become the biggest go to for anything we need. With thousands of different products and so many essential Amazon buys to choose from, it’s hard to not find anything and everything you need on it. As a college student, sometimes thing can get a little rough and time will not always be on your side. It’s important to equip yourself with the proper tools to help you get through your years in college. Luckily, we live in an age where Amazon is in its peak and has 2-day delivery to get us what we need as quickly as possible. Amazon has so many different products that could be essential for a college student, but there are a few things that might be best for a start. Organization and focus are two important traits to have during college and having the proper times to spread your time and energy accordingly while also maintain stress free are very important. These items won’t solve all of your problems, but they will help you save a lot of time and remove some unnecessary stress from your life. Here are some essential Amazon buys for a college student. 

One of the first things that I would recommend to any college student is a slow cooker. This is one of the many essential Amazon buys that are related to the kitchen. For anyone that works and is a full-time student, a slow cooker is an amazing way to cook some delicious meals while saving as much time as possible. The slow cookers come with recipes for you to look through and try and there are hundreds of combinations that you can try. With different settings based on how much time you need for it to be ready; this slow cooker is an amazing tool for any student to have to cook some delicious and rich home cooked meals.

Another item found that is an essential Amazon buy for any college student would be a wall calendar. In college, students tend to get messy. For most, it’s their first times by themselves and the first time they don’t have their guardians telling them what to do all the time. Being organized and having a plan pf action is essential to being successful as a college student. Having a calendar up on your wall is a great way to remember any upcoming exams or assignments that you need to do. It’s also a great way to help you set up any meeting or set aside time to make time and events for any friends or family. Having your life organized and ready to go every morning when you wake up is a perfect way to always stay ahead of yourself. It’s also a very creative and fun way to keep yourself engaged with whatever plans you have for the upcoming weeks.

Sleep is one of the most important things for a college student to have. Having an alarm clock may seem simple but it’s very essential in making sure you’re up and ready to go. A lot of students use their phones as a morning alarm, but having an actual clock makes it harder to sleep through as well. Alarm clocks can be used as Bluetooth speakers that can help remind you of certain things as well as waking you up on time every morning. Putting your phone on silent will also eliminate any chances of your alarm not going off at the time it’s supposed to. Alarm clocks are also a great way to help you regulate your sleep schedules. Having a regulated sleep schedule can help you avoid feeling sluggish in the mornings and falling asleep through the day. As small as the idea of an alarm clock is, it’s very useful in helping you maintain your sleep. Once you can get your sleep under control, you’ll find yourself going to sleep and waking up a lot easier than you normally do.

Now this next item might not seem like such an essential, but LED room light strips are very nice to have. In such a stressful environment, these light strips will help brighten up your mood while you study or try to relax. These lights come with different light settings that can help you adjust to certain moods. There’s nothing more relaxing than selecting your favorite color and getting some work done in an environment of your own control. Colors can also affect a person’s mood and help them feel one emotion over another. Coming home from a stressful day and selecting a nice, warm color can help relax you. The lights can also add a very nice aesthetic to your room for whatever look you’re trying to go for. Sometimes decorating your room can be a little sporadic and stressful, but these lights can help your tie it into one theme whenever you like. Turning them on will make you see why they are one of the essential Amazon buys. 

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One final product that would be one of the essential Amazon buys for any college student to have would be a Polaroid camera. Now this item is more for personal reasons. You grow up dreaming about getting to go to college and hearing your parents talk about how much they enjoyed college or how they wished they had the opportunity to go. Having a Polaroid camera is such a fun and expressive way to document these few years of your lives for you to see and share for years to come. There are so many different frames for your film that can make each picture you take unique to the moment. There are also so many ways to decorate your room with the polaroid’s or just decorate for a desk or study area. It’s important to study and stay motivated throughout your time in college, but it’s also important to have fun and document the moments that you cherish. Sometime the most important relationships and connects you make are during your time in college. Having these early moments documented in a fun and expressive way is such a special thing to have. We live in a generation of technology and documentation, take advantage of it and keep your memories and stories alive in a way you’ll always remember.

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