Essential Accessories We Are Rocking This Summer

Whether you are lounging poolside or hitting late night dive bars, it is summer and it is the time to pull out all the stops with some summer accessories. While summer is the time for minimum clothing we are thinking what better way to compensate than with maximum accessories. Here are some essential accessories we cannot go without this summer.

1. Sunglasses Chains

While glasses chains are typically associated with older women in their 50-70s from probably the 1980s, glasses chains are making a bit of a comeback as a new accessorize trend for our sunnies. These chains can come in an assortment of beads and jewels making a retro look like it is perfect for summer 2019. It gives the added benefit for those that may have  habit of losing or dropping their sunglasses. British Vogue says, “as summer fast approaches, its practicality outweighs such connotations. Hook onto your sunnies and rest assured you won’t sit on, or scratch, your favorite pair (instead of leaving them on a counter top or cramming them into your handbag) and when removed they will simply dangle proudly around your neck.”

Essential Accessories We Are Rocking This Summer

2. Hair Clips

It does not matter if it is gold clips, pearl berets, or sparkly bobby pins, “hair jewelry” are essential accessories you should be sporting this summer. Proceeding with the theme of minimum clothing, hair clips help you maximize a look simplistically and effortlessly. Decorative hair clips adds a beautiful ambiance to your hair strands. British Vogue says, “The best thing about the barrette trend is its accessibility. Whether you’re buying into the Instagram brands that are launching to facilitate and support the trend or reaching for those that you wore all summer of ’99, there is one for everyone to slide and slip into their hair.”

Essential Accessories We Are Rocking This Summer

3. Tote

The perfect summer accessory, but also the perfect summer convenience. Totes have quite the grab-and-go practicality that makes you ready for your summer adventures and summer whims. Not needing to carrying around the necessities for the school season you have the freedom to travel light enough that everything can go in one bag without the need for excess pockets and material. Totes are also so simplistic they easily blend with any ensemble. Elle Magazine zealously states, “A tote bag is the quintessential comfort accessory. It carries all of your crap (possibly emotional, probably otherwise) without that judgmental, bulging-at-the-seams bloat your other bags experience when you try cramming your life into them. The tote understands.”

Essential Accessories We Are Rocking This Summer

4. Anklets

Feeling straight out of the 90s anklets are the accessory we are rocking this summer. Ankles deserve to be dolled up too. While ankles are not the body part the comes to mind at first when you talk accessorizing, we must admit that it is does way a way of creating a great overall stylistic look. Whether you want to go gold, silver, colorful beads or puka shells, anklets create a nice punctuation for your fit. The Zoe Report says, “Like basically every other gigantic trend from the ’90s, anklets have come back in full force, in all their puka shell-adorned glory.”

Essential Accessories We Are Rocking This Summer

5. Sunglasses

Of course we have to mention the G.O.A.T. of all essential accessories for summer and that is a good pair of sunnies. While “shield shades” remind us a bit of The Terminator and are currently taking the high fashion world by storm, a perfect pair of round or rectangular sunglasses is all you need. Vogue says, “Sunglasses might be a small accessory, but they have a large impact. A great pair of sunglasses can change your face, your style, and even your outlook on life—the sunglasses market has exploded into stylish yet wearable shapes that combine refreshing new details, old classics, and quirky trends.”

Essential Accessories We Are Rocking This Summer

What essential accessories can you not be without this summer? Share with us down below in the comments!

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