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5 Erotic Locations On Campus For Steamy Romance

5 Erotic Locations On Campus For Steamy Romance

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One would not think the ‘Old Satanic Mills’ architecture of Boston yields many erotic locations, especially by Berklee. Here are 5 erotic locations on campus for steamy romance!

150 Dorm Practice Rooms (Yes The Ones With Clear Glass!)

From the outside, they may look boring, with too many prints on the glass, the carpet frayed by emptied spit valves, and insecure artists’ tears, but the 150 practice rooms are among the most erotic locations on all campus! They are very insulated, often retaining the sweat of students who wear flip flops inside, who is running on a Mountain Dew and a Four For $4 diet. They retain heat for the perfect perspiring extravaganza. What’s more is that, your partner(s) will, much like Pacman, avoid the occasional R.A. whose responsible for making sure no such activity occurs. The best time to visit this location for its romantic potential is around 4 a.m. when even the most bored R.A. wouldn’t be on the prowl to bust some young loving.

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Condom World

This list is a list of erotic locations on campus, and is right around the street is Condom World on Newbury Street. Located in a basement, there are all kinds of gadgets and toys that one can expect, such as neat kinds of handlebars and funny sex swings. They also have ironic t-shirts and numerous demonstrative DVDs for all of their neat gadgets. The staff are big believers in sex-positivity, and not trying to demonize or discourage people from exploring an important part of their lives. There are some interesting people who work there, and worth an important part of their lives. There are some interesting people who work there and worth meeting. It’s important to quickly get rid of the idea that one should feel any element of shame, and for this reason, it’s worthwhile getting to experience in college.

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Back Bay Fens

Close to the Atrium of the Back-Bay Fens, a notorious location one should avoid philandering around at night, there is a small break the garden of reeds, where lies a ‘village’ of sorts. In the heart of that forest is a sign carved on a tree that says ‘Free Rim Jobs’. If you wait there, say, 10-15 minutes, a sweaty and shirtless fellow of about 60 will approach you, say nothing, and stare at you. It is not necessarily reported what he will do next, but if you see him, do not be alarmed. You are entering one of the most erotic locations on all of campus. It’s among the most erotic, romantic spots; weddings could be filmed there.


Not to mention, whatever erotic plans you have there, you can be of certainty, that the village would love to partake. The sweaty man is only the first challenger, it is said, their village, or as they’re known, ‘The Followers of Light’ have a long-layered chain of command. Woe unto whoever struggles their way into the erotic paradise deep in the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ of the Back Bay Fens Garden.

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Ally way between Berklee and Boston Conservatory

When referring to the ally way, in no shape or form does advocate doing any kind of activity there because that’s gross and unsafe, but rather an apartment view of another apartment, many of the apartment s have big windows, and the view of your neighbors on the other side can reinforce a sense of disdain. It is really amusing to see what people do when they’ve got an enormous gaping window into their lives being easily accessible. Some people hide, some act sane, some act ridiculous, some are indifferent, some abusive. The principle of this rule is applicable to the next location as well, in that the communal experience is what makes the value of some erotic locations.


The fear factor, the penalty factor, the factor that you can be caught. Some people become intoxicated by it. Sometimes. Sometimes, one hears the occasional crier on the street a floor below you that’s middle of you’re having dinner. Not necessarily the most gossip erotic story, but a level of the nature of erotic locations. The more occasionally or pathetically infrequent one avoids romance or eroticism because of personality flaws or, (perhaps more accurately) laziness, the more valuable such a place could be. Particularly between 3 and 4 p.m., when teachers and students are leaving campus en masse and could have all the potential to see you, and your partners, in full clad glory, being kicked and stepped on with a hot glass of wax poured onto your back, and your windows are wide open.

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A Location Enough Proximity To A Roommate Or Community To Involve Them It!

Consent is always important because without consent one will never have meaningful interactions in erotic locations (and most other aspects of life of course). There are all kinds of advantages to involving your community in your sex life, whether to feel better about yourself or to work on not caring that people next to you and can be involved in some of your decision making without consent. It could be small details, such as waking up your dorm mates and neighbors as they head to breakfast in the caf, by the loud sounds of getting horsewhipped. Bear in mind, it can’t be too early, because the caf does not open until around 10-1030, so one should be punctual.

Another great location is right when your roommate is trying to get some shut-eye, not very loudly so they can’t be disturbed. It’s so rude to make communal sleeping spaces like it’s one of your erotic locations, without the consent of your roommate to do so. ‘ Otherwise, like it or not, you’re a jerk, and an inconsiderate jerk who has no tolerance for other people’s comfort zones and senses of space.

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Are there other erotic locations on campus we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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