Enter the #iLuvBack2School Selfy™ Sweepstakes!

WIN an iLuv Selfy smartphone case!

1.) Upload a selfie onto Instagram or Twitter showing us how you’re enjoying being back at school! Whether in your new, decorative dorm, relaxing the quad, seeing old friends or heading out to a party. We want to see how YOU are enjoying being back at college!
2.) Use the hashtag #iLuvBack2School.
3.) Follow @iluv_creative_tech on Instagram!  You’ll be automatically entered.


Then check back into SRTrends.com to see your images posted!
P.S. Use the hashtag #iLuvSelfy to double your chances!


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Selfy™ is the world’s first case integrated with a wireless remote camera shutter. This unique case gives you a greater degree of control and flexibility when it comes to capturing your favorite moments. The remote shutter wirelessly pairs to your iPhone 5/5s or Galaxy S5 via Bluetooth® and slides out from the back of the case. Using the remote, you can take pictures and videos without being limited to how you hold your phone. Get the best angle on your next self-portrait or set up the perfect group photo. Selfy™ gives you the freedom to make every moment picture-perfect.
[hashimage hashtag=iLuvBack2School limit=7]
We can’t wait to see YOUR selfie! Good luck!!



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