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English Homework Tips For Struggling College Students

Let’s be honest, if you’re a college student who struggles with English homework, then you probably are used to long nights staring at a blank page and wishing a best-selling author would write your paper for you. Luckily, I have a few English homework tips that would make even the greatest authors impressed about your writing.

1. Read, Read, and oh, Read!

Nothing gets the blood pumping in your brain more than reading. Whether it’s a Suzanne Collins novel or a poem from Shakespeare, reading elicits a sort of super charge in the brain. Think of it has a vortex where ideas become sucked into your head. Really all you have to do is pick out the ideas that best suit your writing and assignment. There’s no better homework tip out there for English students than to just start reading.

2. Start a study group

When it comes to homework tips you have to think about who’s dealing with the same situation as you’re in. Look around the classroom, glance at all the bored, blank faces and discover your equal. Starting a study a group allows for ideas to flow amongst others who are in the same situation as you. Perhaps you have a idea about how to start a analysis about Emily Dickinson, but then someone else comes up with an even better idea. That right there is what I call taking advantage of someone else’s brain.

3. Visit your friendly neighborhood English professor

Don’t just leave the university with your head down and confidence in the jar of sadness and grief. No, go ahead and visit your English professor and ask for assistance. Look, the worst thing that could happen is your professor starts spraying fire balls at you out their coffee cup. Other than that, go and ask for homework tips from the person who’s the most qualified to teach you about Beowulf. Great story by the way.

4.  Keep calm and look at what you already wrote

If you’re a English student odds are you probably have written something in the past. Maybe, just maybe you wrote something that had a professor cream their pants. This is where looking back at old papers becomes one of the greatest homework tips ever. Not only do have a frame of reference but you also have something to boost your confidence and rescue it from the jar of sadness and grief. Just make sure you pick out the ones with that an A and not an C. C’s are fine, but….you know.

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5. Take a long walk outside

This is more for those creative writing fiction writers more than anyone else. My old English gave me one of the simplest homework tips ever: stop writing and go outside for once. It’s hard for us to really do this nowadays, especially since we’re focus on what’s happening and what’s going on in the internet. But I can’t tell you how much inspiration I’ve gotten just by walking around Downtown Houston and taking it all in. From bus stops to old art shops, there’s a story just waiting to be told. Even the sight of a homeless men digging in the trash and finding a jar of mayonnaise can jump start the old creative brain.

6. Nobody gets it right on the first edit

Unless you’re at the top of your game and you won, like, 160 Pulitzer prices for writing, then odds are you’re not going get it right on the first edit, and that’s okay. Perhaps the most honest of all the homework tips I can give is to stop trying to be perfect. You gotten be smart and take your time. Look at what you wrote and read it again, again, and again. Pay attention to grammar and syntax. Look for ways to rewrite it a different way. Take your time, because the more time you give to your writing, the more it improves.

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And that’s that. Have you ever gotten stuck on a English assignment and wanted to bash your head through a window? Let me know down below and make sure to share this.

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